Sample Poland's hearty cuisine

Polish food: because holidays aren’t for dieting. Stout soups and dumplings, hefty servings of pork and boar, platefuls of potatoes and pickles: it’s no exaggeration that the local fare can act as a depth charge, seemingly lodging in the stomach for the duration of your stay in the country. Don’t let that necessarily lead to you running into the arms of one of Krakow’s many cosmopolitan eateries however. At its best, Polish cuisine is a lovingly crafted treat. Look out for slow-roasted joints seasoned with marjoram and caraway, garnished with locally picked mushrooms; or duck, served up with apples. And don’t skip dessert – Poland has a truly historic line in cakes and pastries. What’s more, local restaurants serving honest fare often turn out to be some of the convivial spots in the entire country. What to wash it all down with? That’s easy: vodka. Drink it neat and down in one, the Polish way.

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