Seville's cultural diversity

Its cathedral may be one of the largest buildings of worship anywhere, its flock may be devout Catholics, but Seville has always known how to enjoy itself with more earthly pleasures as well. Ever since being the port of entry for the riches of the colonial trade, this has been a city of fiestas and celebrations, a place with a larrikin spirit and a romantic heart. Evenings are when Seville’s spirit hangs in the air, in the boisterous little whitewashed lanes and tapas bars of the Barrio Santa Cruz, in the flamenco houses dotted throughout the city, in the gitano music that drifts across the Guadalquivir River from the lively Triana district. Any night-time exploration of the streets, with regular refuelling stops, is a joy, and you quickly come to understand why the city loves to stay up late – there’s so much to enjoy.

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