Splash out in Reykjavik’s pools

One of the quintessential Reykjavik experiences, for visitors and locals alike, is to bathe in the waters of one of the capital’s many thermal pools. This is spa-central – strike out from the city centre in any direction and you’ll reach one of these super-clean hotspots. A couple of recommendations: Laugardaslaug, where indoor and outdoor pools, hot pots, jacuzzis, and a water slide can keep you entertained and warm for hours. Or try Vesturbæjarlaug, a 20-minute walk west of town with outdoor pools and three bubbling little hot pots. If it’s summer, Reykjavikeven has a thermal beach, Nautholsvik, complete with sand and cosy lagoon. And your last stop in Iceland? Before catching your plane, stop en route for the airport at the famous Blue Lagoon, a bubbling cauldron of steaming pools, all set amidst a spectacular black lava field. Beats a coffee at the airport.

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