Sunrise from Mt Kinabalu's peak

Whether you’re a novice or mountaineering addict, get ready for intensely exhilarating adventure and views without equal on Kinabalu’s toughest face. Asia’s first, and the world’s highest, via ferrata await 3,300 metres up, ready to serve up a whole new dimension to tackling Borneo’s big peak. The permanent network of iron rungs, rails and cables bolted into the mighty Panar Laban rock face will provide your most memorable moment on the mountain: breathe deep then lean back, let one hand go, then the other. A vertiginous height, a Dantesque drop beneath, and there you perch, suspended in space, with only the clouds your companion.

Is there are more varied mountain trek on earth? The trail leads you through a succession of worlds, each spectacular and distinct: steaming tropical rainforest populates the foothills and the lower reaches, giving way to cloud-forest before serene alpine meadows appear. Then it’s upwards to scramble among cloud-shrouded scree in the biting cold, past dramatic overhangs, imposing rock faces veined with waterfalls, and arresting outcrops with vivid names like Donkey’s Ears Peak and Ugly Sister's Peak. Summitting is unforgettable: after struggling with gradient and altitude in the early, early morning, to finally arrive at Low’s Peak, mountain’s austere granite crown 4,100 metres up, is momentous. To then witness the breathtaking sunrise over the South China Sea and the distant Philippines is simply astounding.

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