Temple of Olympian Zeus


Mere shadows of their classical glory they may be, but the remains of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia remain striking to behold, the immensity and detail of the Doric columns providing some of the most memorable moments of Greece’s many ancient marvels. It was here that one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – the statue of Zeus – sat, overlooking the site of the first Olympic Games. Olympia is nowadays a vast, atmospheric archaeological site to explore, a place that fascinates with its myths and deities and the sheer weight of its history. Whether it’s the remnants of the ancient stadium, the Ionian colonnades of the Leonidaion stretched out among olive trees, or the Temple of Hera’s pillars - location for the lighting of today’s Olympic Torch – standing proudly under the Greek sun, Olympia bewitches visitors with an aura that few places can hope to rival.

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