Tozeur's 250,000 palms

The heart of western Tunisia, there are many reasons to travel to the oasis town of Tozeur, not least the journey itself. Northwest lies the spinifex and acacia-clad rolling ridges of the country’s Haute Steppe, while southeast are enormous rose and turquoise-hued shimmering salt lakes that throw up mirages for passing travellers. And in between, Tozeur is like a warm, welcoming cradle, home to a lovely old quarter, a lifetime’s supply of sheesha pipe coffeehouses, and, best of all, a huge palmeraie. Over 250,000 palms are planted here, and a walk through the orange, fig and pomegranate trees not only gives cooling, fragrant shade from the Saharan sun, but also the chance to try freshly picked dates, the Tunisian fruit of choice.

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