Trek in the Simien Mountains

Ethiopia is awe-inspiring wherever you travel, but perhaps no more so than when trekking through Simien Mountains National Park. Here the land falls away from your feet through high, remote cliffs and canyons so vast you’ll be humbled by their grandeur. Such epic mountains and valleys are a strange and wonderful surprise, but perhaps the only fitting landscape for Ethiopia’s other wild delights: Gelada baboons, with their ‘bleeding heart’ chest patch and wild mane, live in the cliff face. Fearless in their interactions, they get close enough for you to be thankful they’re herbivores, though if you get within eye sight of the wispy eared caracal cat or the rare Ethiopian wolf, consider yourself blessed. You’ll feel as if you, and the odd biblical shepherd, have the vast Simien climes to yourself while trekking here; it’s a place few know about or ever venture to, and to spend time in a place so unique and meet people who’ve never met anyone beyond their village is a rare treat. An unparalleled adventure.

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