Underground city of Derinkuyu

Down, down you go, descending into the earth’s depths. An extraordinary eight floors down – a full 85 metres below ground level – you finally reach Derinkuyu’srock bottom (at least what’s open to visitors – below you are more, unexcavated levels). You‘ve walked through cellars and chapels, stables and refectories, wine and oil presses, as well as squat little rooms that housed some of the thousands of people who once called this place home. Cappadociais an underground fantasyland, and nowhere is more extraordinary than Derinkuyu. Need convincing? Take a look back up the huge ventilation shaft when you’re down here and try not to be overawed both by the engineering feat of carving this hidden city into the earth, and also by those who lived their lives out in this alien, bizarre subterranean world.

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