The Valley of the Kings

Separated from Luxor by the Nile’s wide reach, the Valley of the Kings makes any other graveyard look just a touch pedestrian in comparison. At last count there were 63 tombs of pharaohs, but discoveries are still being made. This city of the Theban dead is no morbid curiosity, but a spectacular journey into the past. Most famously of course, this is Tutankhamun’s final resting place, the boy-pharaoh’s tomb bright with murals, the gold coffin on display.

Elsewhere, Horemheb’s tomb is typically atmospheric: from the parched desert hills, descend sharply into the bowels of the earth, the air getting hotter, the world darker. All is plain as you descend, then a well room, richly decorated with reliefs depicting Horemheb with deities. Andthen through to an anteroom with paintings and reliefs, and onto a huge sarcophagus, carved with more reliefs. Andthis warren of rooms and rich decoration is just one of dozens, all thousands of years old. A priceless experience, extraordinary. Truly, the Mummy of all Egypt adventures.

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