Voodoo on Lake Togo

Crossing Lake Togo to one of the homes of voodoo – how exotic does that sound!  Fortunately, the lake, and its main town Togoville, merits a visit on its own terms, not just to help you win ‘off-the-beaten-track’ holiday competitions.

The boat skims across the shallow waters, leading to the palmy sands of Togoville’s beach, where a few fishing boats and a pretty cathedral welcome you. A short dusty street leads up to the busy Centre Artisanal and the church, a shrine commemorating the Virgin Mary’s reported appearance on Lake Togo in the 1970s – something that attracted Pope John Paul II to the area. The chief’s house is nearby, with its small museum, and the few streets and friendly locals make for a pleasant ramble. A quiet place, unless you’re here on market day, when stalls line the streets selling everything from fiery chilli peppers to traditional voodoo medicines.

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