Weddell Sea

The Atlantic Ocean’s final, treacherous sea. Centring at about 73° S, 45° W, the Weddell Sea is bounded by Coats Land to the east and the Antarctic Peninsulato the west. A raw, perilous place, nearly three million square kilometres in size, the Weddell Seawas named after James Weddell who in 1823 sailed to a latitude of 74°15' S.  The berg-filled waters, flash freezes and floes of the Weddell amount to a wilder, less forgiving world than the RossSea– this is where Shackleton’s Endurancemet its end, the elements breaking apart the ship. Three ice shelves feed the Weddell, calving gigantic icebergs into the sea, and the enormous blue-white tabular bergs are an astonishingsight, dwarfing all who explore these waters.

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