Yurt stay at Son-Kul Lake

The nomadic herders of Kyrgzstan are no fools, wisely choosing to make their summer camp near the shores of Son-Kul Lake, as they’ve done for centuries. It’s easy to see why; high plateau pasture folds into lush mountain meadow before pitching into dramatic, cloud-wreathed peaks. The grasslands around Son-Kul are perfect for ruminants, herb picking, flora and fauna spotting, breathtaking afternoon hikes and chin-stroking rumination.  Soak up the scenery before dropping in on a local nomadic family for traditional mountain cuisine and felt-tent hospitality. A few nights snug in a yurt amid an epic landscape and a deep, starry sky, you’ll be well on your way to quenching your thirst for spectacular Kyrgyz nature and cultural adventure.

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