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Bodhnath Stupa of Kathmandu - one of the biggest Buddhist shrines in the world
Pokhara's lake and panoramic views
Summit Island Peak
Kathmandu’s hidden old town
Annapurna's Hidden Lake and the holy lake at Kaire
Annapurna South Base Camp
Renjo La (5420m)
Views of Dhaulagiri and 6000-metre-deep Kali Gandaki Gorge from Danda Kharka
The remote monasteries and village tea houses of Phu
The lakes and 8000-metre peaks of Gokyo
  • Trek Nepal’s unbeaten paths

    Prayer flags. You see them all over Nepal. Long lines of fluttering rectangular colour: blue, green, red, white and yellow. Written on them are prayers taken from Tibetan mantras. Hung in lines and exposed to the wind, the surrounding air is believed to be filled with their power.

    For the traveller, these prayer flags are Nepal’s signposts. Physical and spiritual. And for thousands of years, Nepal has been a true traveller’s destination. For today’s adventurer, Nepal offers a chance to step away from the modern world in a way few destinations can.

    Let us show you the Nepal we know, love and keep coming back to. Our trips are led by people who’ve grown up in these mountains and have guided hundreds of expeditions. On the popular and classic Annapurna and Everest trails we stay in lodges, including some that Peregrine helped to build on the Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek. The proceeds from the lodges go back into the community.

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    Essence of India & Nepal - 22 days

    "Nepal, without exaggeration, is one of those countries that will imprint itself on a traveller long after the journey. The settlement of Bandipur is...
    Countries visited: Nepal, India
    From US $2565

    Colours of Nepal - 11 days

    This is the ideal adventure for those wanting to experience the diversity and adventure of Nepal without all the trekking normally associated with this amazing...
    Countries visited: Nepal
    From US $1710

    Annapurna Adventure - 10 days

    Trek to the soul of the rugged Annapurna region, staying in comfortable lodges along the way. Terraced hillsides, picturesque villages and friendly smiles...
    Countries visited: Nepal
    From US $2785

    Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes - 20 days

    Meet the three giants of the Himalaya: Everest, Lhotse and Cho Oyu. This is a journey for the committed trekker, exploring friendly Sherpa villages and...
    Countries visited: Nepal
    From US $2070

    Annapurna Dhaulagiri - 14 days

    Stay off the beaten track in lodges built in partnership between Peregrine and the local community. Profits from these lodges go back into schools and village...
    Countries visited: Nepal
  • Why we love Nepal

    • There’s a spot on Kopra Ridge in the Annapurna mountains where you can enjoy a morning coffee. With your hands wrapped round the mug, you can look up to see the magnificent snow-peak of Dhaulagiri (8167m) and, if your timing’s right, a small plane navigating the Kali Ghandaki gorge about a kilometre below you
    • Take an early morning walk through the back streets of Kathmandu down to Durbar Square. This is a pretty frenetic stretch usually, but in the dawn quiet before the shops and stalls have opened, you get a really different, almost meditative, perspective on this incredible city
    • The town of Bhaktapur doesn’t get many headlines, but you’ll quickly become a huge fan. The ancient city is almost completely preserved, a snapshot of centuries of Newari (the indigenous people of the Kathmandi valley) culture. All with a back drop of snow-capped mountains
    • You can’t beat a tent at Hidden Lake in the wilds of the Annapurnas. Very few people have been here – maybe 50 westerners
    • Our trips are led by people who’ve grown up in these mountains and have guided hundreds of expeditions. On the popular and classic Annapurna and Everest trails we stay in lodges, including some that Peregrine helped to build on the Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek. The proceeds from the lodges go back into the community.

    Safety information

    Your safety is our top priority. It’s one of the main things we consider when designing and operating our trips. Here’s some of the ways we help to keep you safe, and a few of the things you can do to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons. Before you travel We monitor travel alerts provided by the Australian, UK, USA and Canadian governments on a daily basis. Before a tour goes on sale we assess any risks and decide how to reduce and manage these. If we determine that an entire trip, part of a trip or an activity is too risky we won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. If we can’t address the issues and improve conditions we might modify an itinerary, change the accommodation or even decide not to travel to a certain location. Our overseas staff and local leaders are trained to address any health and safety concerns during trips. Before you travel, we’ll give you an emergency phone number. You’ll also get comprehensive pre-departure information, with information about vaccinations and other relevant health issues. We’ll also tell you if there’s any special clothing or equipment you need to bring. During your trip: You local leader is trained in first aid and always carries a first aid kit. Being a local means that if something does go wrong they know fastest and most effective way to get help. On all our high altitude treks we carry a portable altitude chamber and oxygen equipment. We’ll also give you a 24-hour emergency number in addition to the emergency destination telephone number. What you can do: Read through all the information we send you. If you’ve got any questions we’re always available to help. Keep an eye out for travel alerts by consulting your local Foreign Office. We also monitor these daily so that we can modify tours if necessary. Get some medical travel advice about the countries you are visiting, particularly about vaccinations and the type of personal first aid kit you should carry. Make sure you tell us any medical conditions, special needs or dietary requirements you might have. Get your vaccinations and take relevant medication well before travelling so they have time to take effect.

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