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Himalayan Kingdoms

Trip Length

Trip Code

13 days PHHK
Min Altitude Max Altitude

Countries Visited

Bhutan, Nepal, India

Start City

End City

Kathmandu, Nepal Paro, Bhutan
Himalayan Kingdoms

The journey begins in the mystical Kathmandu Valley where we visit the bustling bazaars, the Buddhist stupa at Bodhnath and the Hindu Pashupatinath Temple complex. We also have the option of a scenic flight towards Mount Everest. From Kathmandu we fly to Bhadrapur on the Nepali-Indian border and drive down the foothills and tea gardens to the historic former British hill station of Darjeeling. We explore this enchanting town and include a short ride on the famous Toy Train, as well as watch the sunrise on the peaks of Everest and Kanchenjunga. Our next stop is Sikkim and its capital, Gangtok, where we explore the famous Rumtek Monastery, the largest in the country, before driving to Kalimpong, previously an important centre for wool trade with Tibet. A highlight of our tour is visiting the Kingdom of Bhutan. We enter the country at the Phuntsholing border and head to the capital, Thimphu. From here we explore the monasteries and fortresses of this ancient kingdom. In Paro we visit Taktsang (Tiger's Nest), a small monastery clinging precariously to a ledge on a rock cliff high above the valley floor. This structure has become a symbol of a beautiful and mysterious kingdom that very few travellers in the world have experienced.

Why we love it:

Himalayan Kingdoms

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu (1360m)

Accommodation: Shangri La Hotel or similar, Kathmandu


Day 2: Kathmandu (1360m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Shangri La Hotel or similar, Kathmandu


Day 3: Darjeeling (2134m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel Himalayan Resort, Darjeeling


Day 4: Darjeeling (2134m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel Himalayan Resort, Darjeeling


Day 5-6: Gangtok (1600m)

Meals included: 2 breakfasts

Accommodation: Hotel Netuk House or similar, Gangtok


Day 7: Kalimpong (1250m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Himalayan Hotel or similar, Kalimpong


Day 8: Phuntsholing

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Himalayan Hotel or similar, Kalimpong


Day 9: Thimphu (2736m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Riverview Hotel or similar, Thimpu


Day 10: Thimphu (2736m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Riverview Hotel or similar, Thimpu


Day 11-12: Paro (2280m)

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners

Accommodation: Hotel Janka or similar, Paro


Day 13: Paro (2280m)

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel Janka or similar, Paro


Your Trip

What's Included


Not Included

Optional Extras

We have chosen a selection of some great optional activities to enhance your travel experience. You will need to cover any additional costs yourself. The below list is not exhaustive and should be used as a guide only. Prices are approximate and are for entrance only and don’t include transport to and from the sites or local guides unless indicated. All activities are subject to availability and it may not be possible to do all the activities listed in the time available at each destination.
Where activities are considered medium or high risk, we work with operators whose safety and credentials we have sighted and assessed. This means that it is possible that you may find the same activity cheaper with another operator on the ground, however we cannot vouch for the safety or quality of that operator. Activities not listed below have not been assessed by us and as such our staff and leaders are unable to assist you with booking these activities. The decision to partake in any activity not listed is at your own discretion and risk.

What to know


Vaccinations may be required for this trip. Please talk to your doctor about the up-to-date information for this region.  We're travel experts, not doctors and defer to the medicos when it comes to inoculations.

Visas and Permits

Please ensure that you have all required visas for your trip – this is your responsibility. Rules and regulations governing the issuance of visas are constantly changing, and vary for different nationalities and you should check visa requirements with your travel agent or relevant consular authority well before travel.

All nationalities require a visa for Bhutan. Travellers can only enter Bhutan as part of a group visa. Independent visas are not issued. The cost of the visa is covered in our tour. You must provide Peregrine at the time of booking with your full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number & date of issue / expiry, plus a scanned copy of your passport and your email address that can access while travelling. If you have not booked flights to Bhutan with Peregrine, we also require your flight details to finalise the visa process, including flight numbers, arrival and departure times, and points of origin and arrival. Peregrine will then forward you the scanned copy of your Bhutan Group visa shortly prior to your trip start date. In some cases this may only be issued close to your date of arrival into Bhutan. You must show the copy of your Bhutan Group visa at the check-in for your flight to Bhutan and on arrival at immigration in Bhutan where you will have your Bhutan visa stamped into your passport.

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveller. The visa requirements for your trip vary depending on where you are from and where you are going. As a general rule most countries expect that you will have at least 6 months' validity on your passport. On arrival visitors may be asked to present return tickets and evidence of means to cover your intended stay. We keep the following information up to date as much as possible, but rules do change - it's important that you check for yourself. Residents from other countries must consult the relevant embassies or your travel agent. All foreign nationals (except Indians) require a visa to enter Nepal. Visas are obtainable from embassies abroad, the International airport, or on arrival at the India / Nepal border. Getting a visa at the airport can sometimes take time due to long queues. There have been instances when passengers were asked to show return flight tickets. You will also need to provide two passport photos and the following approximate fees in US dollars cash only: - Multi entry visa valid for 15 days - US$25 - Multi entry visa valid for 30 days - US$40 - Multi entry visa valid for 90 days - US$100 Please note if you are staying in Nepal for less than 24 hours while in transit a transit visa can be issued on presentation of your international flight ticket, there is a nominal charge of US$5 and one photo is required. Your visa application form may require you to state the dates on which you enter and exit that country. Please note we suggest you list your date of entry a few days before, and date of exit a few days after, your intended dates in case you encounter any delays or problems en route. To help calculate the exact dates of these crossings we have found the website: to be very useful.



Australia: Yes - in advance

Belgium: Yes - in advance

Canada: Yes - in advance

Germany: Yes - in advance

Ireland: Yes - in advance

Netherlands: Yes - in advance

New Zealand: Yes - in advance OR on arrival*

South Africa: Yes - in advance

Switzerland: Yes - in advance

United Kingdom: Yes - in advance

USA: Yes - in advance

There is NO visa on arrival in India for most nationalities. Indian visas can NOT be obtained in Nepal. Tourist visas are available in Single and Multiple Entry. Be sure to check the date you require a visa from and the length of time you will need to cover, especially if you change countries during your trip.

*Visa on arrival is available for select nationalities, including New Zealanders provided that specific criteria can be met. See link below for more information.


You are required to have travel insurance before heading off on a Peregrine trip. Insurance can be organised by your Peregrine representative or your travel agent.

Responsible Travel

Our Responsible Travel ethos is at the heart of everything we do, from getting the basics right like respecting local cultures and the environment, to initiating projects that make positive contributions to communities, to our staff’s fundraising efforts and offsetting our carbon emissions.
Please visit our Responsible Travel ( page for more information.

Customs and Culture

Our Pre Departure Information or Travel Dossier (provided upon booking a trip) provides tips on how you can show respect for the local customs and culture in the country you are travelling in. Your leader will also help steer you though the complexities of local cultural norms.

Pre Departure Information
The information listed above is a brief description of some things you may need to consider when booking a trip. Once a tour is booked you will be provided with a link to your Travel Dossier which will contain detailed Pre Departure information.

Further Reading


Bhutan-Lonely Planet So Close to Heaven- the Vanishing Bhuddist Kingdoms of the Himalaya-Barbara Crossette The Raven Crown-Michael Aris


For good general guides to Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan, the Lonely Planet guide-books are very helpful. (They even have phrase-books which are very handy.) There are numerous books written about the Himalaya. Check your local library, new and old book-shops, and also the Internet can provide useful information on books to read. Kathmandu has many excellent bookshops where many of the books below can be found.

Travellers Tales and Guides Nepal Lonely Planet Guide: - (Hugh Finlay, Richard Everist, Tony Wheeler)

Tiger for Breakfast-Peissel-1966 Schoolhouse in the Sky-Hillary-1968

When Men and Mountains Meet-Keay-1977


Many People Come, Looking, Looking Rowell-1980

Natural History Birds of Nepal-Fleming-1976

Forests of Nepal-Stainton-1972

Stones of Silence-Schaller-1980

Heart of the Jungle-Gurung Himalayan Flowers and Trees-Meirow/Shreshta-1978

Mountaineering Into Thin Air-Krakauer-1997

Everest the Hard Way-Bonnington-1976

White Limbo-Hall-1985 Annapurna-Herzog-1952

Ascent of Everest-Hunt-1953

The Climb-Anatoli Boukreev Left for Dead-Beck Weathers


India Lonely Planet-Sarina Singh

A Passage to India-EM Forster

A Suitable Boy-Vikram Seth

Chasing the Monsoon-Alexander Frater


Included for all sites visited as part of the itinerary. Any camera fees charged are not included. India also has a wealth of other historical attractions that you may wish to visit in your free time. Entrance fees to these are not included.

Important Information

Bhutan Visas & Additional Accommodation

Travel in Bhutan is strictly controlled and to do any independent travel outside of a group tour is extremely difficult and expensive to arrange. We provide a group visa for travellers on our tours in Bhutan, which stipulates that all travellers must arrive and depart on the same days that our tour program starts and finishes. For this reason we are generally not able to provide additional accommodation outside of our tour dates and advise all travellers to book flights in and out of Bhutan that correspond with the start and finish day of the tour. In the rare case that no flights are available and you need to arrive earlier or depart later we are only able to book additional accommodation for you in conjunction with a special individual visa which can add around AUD1000 to the cost of your tour, to be paid at the time of booking.

Road Travel in the Indian Sub-continent
Travel in the sub-continent is not always easy and we find that a good dose of patience certainly comes in handy! Road rules are not always followed and some of the traffic in India is chaotic. Particular care should be taken when crossing roads. Bhutan is far more peaceful. There are few cars and virtually no traffic lights!

Local Tour Leaders
By employing and training local guides to lead our group holidays, there is a two-fold benefit. Firstly, we provide employment opportunities for the local community. Just as importantly is the benefit to you, the traveller. Your tour leader’s friendship, humour, passion and intimate knowledge of the region will be key factors in making your holiday a success. We use several different tour leaders to run the various sectors of this particular trip. Our Nepalese tour leader will look after you in Kathmandu. In India, you will be escorted by our Indian tour leader who has detailed knowledge of his own country. Our Bhutanese tour leader will escort you for the last five days of your journey. Please note that you will be unescorted on the flight between Kathmandu and Bhadrapur.

This amazing trip finishes in Paro. Depending on flight schedules you may be able to fly out of Paro to either Bangkok, Kathmandu or Delhi. Please consult us or your agent for full details.

INTERNAL FLIGHTS: EU clients please see our safety page for important information regarding internal flights in Nepal.

Local Emergency Contacts In the case of a genuine crisis or emergency Peregrine’s Nepal office please contact +977 9841 3220781  during business hours or after hours on +977 9818 287 669 .


Peregrine’s India office (for India and Bhutan section of trip) can be reached on +91 (120) 422 7164 or +91 (120) 422 7169 during business hours (9.30am to 6pm) or after hours on +91 9910 035 322


About this Information

The information provided here is given in good faith and has been compiled with all reasonable care. However, things change and some of the information may become out of date. Please keep this in mind when you read it and check with us if you want to be sure about something. The document was correct at time of printing, but you can check online for the most up to date version.  If you have any queries, please contact your travel agent or our staff in Australia. We are here to help you!

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