Flights, transfers and accommodation

Flights, transfers and accommodation

We've got friends in high places, meaning better deals for you

  • Flights, transfers and accommodation

    Flights, transfers and accommodation

    Our partnerships with the major airlines means we can get you the best price on flights for your intended travel dates.

    Some destinations are harder to get to than others, and we know it can be tricky trying to negotiate dates, transfers and prices. So speak to us about how we can get you there easier.


    We can help with:

    • Booking your trip
    • Arranging arrival and departure transfers
    • Booking pre and post tour accommodation
    • Extending your trip
    • Optional activities


    We can also help our Australian clients with:

    • booking international and local flights
    • organising visas
    • arranging travel insurance


  • Accommodation


    From five star luxury to authentic boutique accommodation, we know the best places to stay in every destination.

    If you're arriving early for your trip, we can get you started on the right foot by booking the perfect place to catch up on sleep and prepare for the upcoming adventure.

    And if you want to extend your stay once the trip is over, we can help find the best accommodation deals. Whether it's somewhere off the beaten track or a posh hotel to celebrate finishing the trip of your dreams, just let us know and we'll get do our best to find it.


    Contact us for help with booking flights, transfers and accommodation.