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British East India Company trading post town of Chennai
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Taj Mahal
Train travel - a quintessentially Indian experience
Ancient trading town of Jaisalmer
Cochin's diverse history
600-year-old Karauli
Mandawa's open-air art gallery
The Ganges at Varanasi
Desert camel safari
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    Essence of South India - Independent Journey - 15 days

    Stretching across some 900 km, the Kerala Backwaters are a tangle of lakes, rivers, inlets and canals. Locals who make their living from fishing and...
    Countries visited: India
    From US $5295

    Essence of India & Nepal - 22 days

    "Nepal, without exaggeration, is one of those countries that will imprint itself on a traveller long after the journey. The settlement of Bandipur is...
    Countries visited: Nepal, India
    From US $2595

    The Spirit of India - 12 days

    In India, hair is commonly thought of as a symbol of vanity. When a Hindu pilgrim arrives at a holy place, such as the sacred Ganges, the ritual of mundana (...
    Countries visited: India
    From US $2435

    Essence of South India - 15 days

    Stretching across some 900 km, the Kerala backwaters are a tangle of lakes, rivers, inlets and canals. Locals who make their living from fishing and...
    Countries visited: India
    From US $5385

    Colours of India - 26 days

    "Coming to India, you'll learn exactly hospitality means. The whole world is very modern, but coming to India is a way of returning to traditions....
    Countries visited: India
    From US $3575

    Classic Sri Lanka - Independent Journey - 15 days

    Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is the oldest recorded tree in the world. For the past 2,250 years, monks...
    Countries visited: Sri Lanka
    From US $2640

    Rajasthan Revealed - 15 days

    This trip was designed by our senior local leaders as part of a team-building exercise, and it was so good that we decided to make it a reality. It's an...
    Countries visited: India
    From US $2895

    Classic Sri Lanka - 15 days

    Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is the oldest recorded tree in the world. For the past 2250 years, monks...
    Countries visited: Sri Lanka
    From US $3775

    Splendours of Sri Lanka and South India - 22 days

    The Meenakshi Amman Temple is actually a six-hectare complex featuring 12 intricately decorated gopurams (towers built at the entrance of a temple). Meenakshi...
    Countries visited: India, Sri Lanka
    From US $3185

    Bangladesh - 12 days

    The Sundarbans National Park is the world’s largest mangrove forest, recognised by UNESCO as being a site of universal value. The park is home to a huge...
    Countries visited: Bangladesh
  • Why we love India

    • With a population of well over a billion, and the seventh largest in size of all countries, it’s no wonder India is a country of many personalities.
    • Supercharged, technicolour Delhi offers as wild and vivid a ride as any city-explorer one could wish for, while the nearby sensual delights of the Taj Mahal and Udaipur offer a soothing counterpoint
    • No trip to India is complete without a cup of Chai from a roadside stall – this is the smell and taste of India
    • In Karauli we stay in the palace Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo Bhadur built in 1938 for himself and his guests, where his family still lives today
    • In Sri Lanka, palm-fringed beaches skirt an emerald isle of high tea plantations, uncommon hospitality and ancient Buddhist pilgrim trails
    • Time spent on Kerala’s waters makes for idyllic exploration while another watery attraction, Varanasi, offers a unique spectacle of devotion that both excites and humbles

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    Your safety is our top priority. It’s one of the main things we consider when designing and operating our trips. Here’s some of the ways we help to keep you safe, and a few of the things you can do to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons. Before you travel We monitor travel alerts provided by the Australian, UK, USA and Canadian governments on a daily basis. Before a tour goes on sale we assess any risks and decide how to reduce and manage these. If we determine that an entire trip, part of a trip or an activity is too risky we won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. If we can’t address the issues and improve conditions we might modify an itinerary, change the accommodation or even decide not to travel to a certain location. Our overseas staff and local leaders are trained to address any health and safety concerns during trips. Before you travel, we’ll give you an emergency phone number. You’ll also get comprehensive pre-departure information, with information about vaccinations and other relevant health issues. We’ll also tell you if there’s any special clothing or equipment you need to bring. During your trip: You local leader is trained in first aid and always carries a first aid kit. Being a local means that if something does go wrong they know fastest and most effective way to get help. We’ll also give you a 24-hour emergency number in addition to the emergency destination telephone number. What you can do: Read through all the information we send you. If you’ve got any questions we’re always available to help. Keep an eye out for travel alerts by consulting your local Foreign Office. We also monitor these daily so that we can modify tours if necessary. Get some medical travel advice about the countries you are visiting, particularly about vaccinations and the type of personal first aid kit you should carry. Make sure you tell us any medical conditions, special needs or dietary requirements you might have. Get your vaccinations and take relevant medication well before travelling so they have time to take effect.

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    Eat your way around India

    If you're in India, there's every chance you're wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing to help beat the heat. Good. Because this also means you are ready and raring to delve into all the incredible food that's going to come your way. Eating your way around India is one of life's great...

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    Top 5 benefits of travelling with kids

    It’s often thought that once you have children your opportunities to travel suddenly become limited to European holiday resorts with high-rise hotels and a Kids’ Club run by a sweaty man in a giant purple dolphin suit.

    But why should the exploring stop when you’re a parent? Having children with you...

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    Bangladesh: the spirit of adventure

    As one of the world’s most populated nations, Bangladesh is often overlooked as a worthy travel destination. But at Peregrine, we want to change that. A maze of gorgeously green waterways, decadent tea estates, languid rivers and colourful bazaars, India’s lesser-known neighbour is a rural...

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    A guide to Sri Lanka’s eight world heritage sites

    Boasting a marvelous plethora of natural and man-made sites, Sri Lanka certainly lives up to its adopted title of ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Intrinsically linked to the spiritual traditions of its four major religions – Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism – the land is scattered with sites of...

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    India: Beyond the chaos

    Life's pretty sweet when you're cruising the backwaters of Kerala in Southern India. It doesn't take long to unwind and relax, letting the peace settle over you. This labyrinth of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, is formed by more than 900 km of waterways. And you'll feel...

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  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    Memories of the Maharaja

    Ben - Australia, 28 Mar, 2014
    Overall Rating

    Great all round

    The Spirit of India

    Pam - South Africa, 27 Mar, 2014
    Overall Rating

    I booked through Intrepid travel. I loved the tour and found all the places we visited fascinating, information from our tour guide and guides at the places visited was good. It was an amazing, hectic experience. I will definitely do another trip through Intrepid/Peregrine.

    Essence of South India

    Patricia - New Zealand, 1 Jan, 1970
    Overall Rating

    Very diverse and interesting travels covering both east and west coasts, plus interior of south India. 'Total Holidays' and the bus transport companies were of a very professional standard,with excellent drivers.The hotels were of a varying standard but I realise that this was often due to lack of choice; however all were clean and well serviced.

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