It was the cradle of civilisation, one time land of ancient empires, and battleground for Lawrence of Arabia –a land of great history and singular natural beauty.

Jordan was once part of the Fertile Crescent, the arcing region of the Middle East that birthed the world as we know it. Countless mighty kingdoms have risen and fallen here, and their glorious remains make Jordan a well of ancient history. There’s Petra, The Rose City, with its colossal facades carved into pink stone; and Jerash with its abounding roman pillars, amphitheatres and temples. Even Wadi Rum, the desert valley strewn with mystical rock formations, supports a people as old as the region itself. 

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Jordan Explorer, May 2016

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Jordan travel FAQs

  • Australia: Yes – on arrival
  • Belgium: Yes – on arrival
  • Canada: Yes – on arrival
  • Germany: Yes – on arrival
  • Ireland: Yes – on arrival
  • Netherlands: Yes – on arrival
  • New Zealand: Yes – on arrival
  • South Africa: Yes – on arrival
  • Switzerland: Yes – on arrival
  • United Kingdom: Yes – on arrival
  • United States: Yes – on arrival

Tipping is considered good manners in Jordan. Tips are expected for most services, however the amount varies and is up to your discretion. Most restaurants include a surcharge of 10% but it’s still a good idea to tip extra on top of this. Round up your fare when using taxis and tip your porters and guides at the end of the day. 

You’ll have internet access at hotels and Wi-Fi hotspots in Amman. However internet is not widespread in towns and rural areas. 

You’ll have good mobile coverage Amman and Aqaba, but little to no access outside of these areas. Remember to activate global roaming with your provider if you wish to use your mobile while traveling. 

Most toilets in Jordan are squat toilets but there are western style toilets a places like hotels, malls and nice restaurants. Soap and toilet paper aren’t always provided so you may like to carry some with you.

  • Street snack = 3 JOD
  • Can of soft drink = 1 JOD
  • Dinner at a restaurant = 10 JOD
  • Embroidered shawl = 20-30 JOD

Some hotels and cafes may have filtered water which is safe to drink, but generally tap water is not safe in Jordan. For environmental reasons, avoid buying bottled water and bring a bottle or canteen with you. Ask your leader where you can access a filtered supply to refill, or carry your own purification tablets with you. 

You can use your credit card in places like hotels and major retailers, however prepare to pay cash when dealing with many local businesses. 

There are plenty of ATMs in major cities but far less of them outside these areas.

Yes. All peregrine passengers are required to purchase travel insurance prior to their trip. Your insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day.

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