Peregrine supports the following organisations through funding, memberships or corporate partnerships.

Member: The International Ecotourism Society -
TIES is a global network of industry practitioners, institutions and individuals helping to integrate environmental and socially responsible principles into practice.

Member: IGTOA - International Galapagos Tour Operators Association -
IGTOA is a nonprofit association of travel companies, conservation organizations, and other groups that seek a lasting protection of the Galapagos Islands. IGTOA lobbies for conservation, fund projects, and promote and practice sustainable tourism.

Financial supporter: Endangered Wildlife Trust -
Founded in 1973, the EWT conserves threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa, for the benefit of all the people of the sub region. EWT identifies priority conservation needs, and establishes and facilitates dedicated, multi-stakeholder Working Groups to carry out EWT' activities including research, mitigating threats to species, sustainable natural resource management and development, increasing environmental awareness, and advocacy.

Financial supporter: East African Wildlife Society -
East African Wildlife Society was established to promote conservation and the wise use of wildlife and the environment in East Africa. In order to achieve this mission, EAWLS has been proactive in:

- Advocacy
- Facilitation of conservation education
- Promotion of conservation activities
- Facilitation of field projects

Financial supporter: Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
The Royal Society for The Conservation of Nature is an independent voluntary organisation devoted to the conservation of Jordan's natural resources. RSCN is active in running Wadi Rum and Dana village so we support them on the ground by including these places in our program.