Quick Facts

Region: Middle East & North Africa


Area (sq. km):
2,381,740 square meters

When To Travel

Useful Travel Facts

Visa: Most nationalities need a visa for Algeria, which needs to be obtained in advance. Nationals of Israel, Malawi and Taiwan are not allowed into the country, and if you have a stamp in your passport from any of these countries your application will be rejected.
To apply for an Algerian visa you will need a letter of 'invitation' to visit the country from an Algerian contact or tourist agency. Please provide your travel agent with a clear scanned copy of your passport for this purpose. We will then provide you with the Algerian letter of invitation. Once received you can take or send your passport to your local Algerian embassy and have your visa stamped in your passport. Visas CANNOT be obtained on the Algerian border and you must arrive with a visa prior to arrival. Please note that the process of obtaining a Letter of Invitation and the Visa can take up to 6 weeks.
Algerian visas can only be applied for in the country of that passport holder. Please note that you must enter Algeria within 90 days of the visa being issued.

Useful Words & Phrases


1: Wahed
10: Ashera
1000 thanks: Elph Shuk (as in shook)
2: Etneen
3: Talata
4: Arbaa
5: Hamsa
6: Setta
7: Sabah
8: Tamaniah
9: Tes'ood
Can I take your photo?: Mumkin photo?
Goodbye: Ma Salama
Hello: Ahlan
How are you ?: Izziyek (Egypt colloquial)
How are you?: Izziyek
How Much: Bikam (Bi as in biscuit; kam as in camshaft)
How much is it?: Bshhal?
How much?: Bikam?
I want to change some money: Bgheet nserref shee floos
My name is ...: Smeetee ...
My name is_____: Ana_____
No: La
Please: Menfudlak (Min-fud-luck)
Thank You: Shukran
Thank you: Shukran (shook-run)
That's very expensive.: Ghalee bezzaf
Too much!: Kefayer! (pronounce as one syllable - K-fire)
Too much?: Ketir!
What is your name?: Asmeetek?
Yes: Aiwa

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