17 days

Egypt & Jordan Experience

Egypt & Jordan Experience

Red Sea resort of Aqaba

Desert camping with the Bedouin

Crusader castle at Shobak

The Dead Sea

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Petra

Jordan's capital Amman

Wadi Rum's red earth desertscapes

2000 year-old ruins of Jerash

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cairo

Luxor's open air museum

Edfu and Komombo temples

Nubean Aswan

The Valley of the Kings

Cairo Museum

Nile cruise

Trip rating
  • The histories of Egypt and Jordan stretch back over the millennia, offering a rich and rewarding experience to travellers today. This is an epic trip through an epic land.


    ** Please note this trip is operating on an alternative itinerary until 31 December 2014. Please see trip notes for further details ***

    Please note that the below itinerary now reflects that changes we made earlier in the year, as we can no longer travel to the Sinai region.



    Why we love it

    • The histories of Egypt and Jordan stretch back over the millennia, offering a rich and rewarding experience to travellers today.
    • This is an epic trip through an epic land.


    Day 1 - Cairo

    • On arrival at Cairo International Airport, you will be met by your representative and transferred to your hotel. This is simply an arrival day so you may arrive in Cairo at any time. Note that hotel rooms are generally only available after midday. The balance of the day will be free to explore your surroundings, but normally a welcome meeting is held in the evening where you will meet your tour leader and fellow travellers.
    Grand Pyramids Hotel or similar

    Day 2 - Cairo - overnight sleeper train

    • The Egyptian Museum is simply one of the world’s great museums, home to a stupendous collection of antiquities and the perfect introduction to your tour, exhibiting many of the region’s treasures. You will head there after breakfast and your expert guide will takes you through Egypt’s rich and fascinating dynastic history. You will then have some free time to explore on your own. You may wish to visit the Royal Mummy Room (optional and at extra cost).
    • You will then drive out to Giza, home to perhaps the greatest iconic structures ever created by man - the pyramids and the Sphinx. Instantly familiar yet retaining a mystique and power, getting up close to these incredible pharaonic tombs is captivating.
    • For an additional charge you may be able to go inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu (or Cheops), although occasionally it may be closed to visitors.
    • Afterwards you will return to your hotel, where there is plenty of time to freshen up and pack before you're transferred to the railway station for the overnight sleeper train to Luxor. Sleeping berths (beds and linen) will be provided in private cabins and an airline-style dinner will be served. It is worth bringing additional snacks and your tour leader can help you to arrange this. A toilet is located at the end of each carriage.
    Sleeper Train
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 3 - Luxor

    • After an early breakfast on board, the train will roll into Luxor - a buzzing place with a great bazaar and situated close to some of ancient Egypt’s most important and extraordinary sights. You will transfer to a Nile cruise boat, which will be your home for the next four nights.
    • You can relax by the pool on the boat or explore the town. Later in the day you will take horse-drawn carriages to Karnak - one of the world’s most celebrated temple complexes, built over a period of some 2000 years.
    • Your guided tour of the temple reveals the complex’s finest sections. For the rest of the afternoon and evening you will be free to relax, shop in the bazaar (open until quite late) or perhaps experience the atmosphere of a local tea house.
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 4 - Valley of the Kings - Luxor - Nile Cruise

    • You will rise early this morning (very much earlier during summer!) and head into the Valley of the Kings, where buried under the arid hills are over 60 tombs of pharaohs, many richly decorated with reliefs and paintings. It’s a compelling place, vast and spectacular, and discoveries are still being made.
    • Tutankhamun’s final resting place is also located here, but entry to this small tomb is quite limited. It is at additional cost, but you will be given some free time when you will have the opportunity to visit it. Your guide will explain the funerary rites of the ancient Egyptians and significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics.
    • You will visit three royal tombs and then continue to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, set in a spectacular natural amphitheatre. Your final stop will be at the Colossi of Memnon - giant statues that were once part of an impressive colonnade.
    • You will return to your boat and enjoy lunch on board. There is time to relax on deck or in your cabin before you set sail for Edfu. Departure time may vary, depending on river traffic – please refer to the note regarding cruise schedules in the ‘other Information’ section. You will pass through Esna Lock, which can sometimes be a slow process depending on the number of vessels waiting to get through, and continue your journey upstream.
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 5 - Nile Cruise (Edfu - Komombo)

    • Morning finds you moored near Edfu, an excellently-preserved temple dedicated to Horus - the falcon-headed god. You will disembark and explore the temple as well as experiencing the bustling town centre.
    • Returning to your cruise boat you will continue travelling upriver, relaxing on the sundeck and taking in the surrounding sights - desert hills forming a backdrop to lush riverbanks, fishermen casting their nets and farmers working their land.
    • Arriving at Komombo, your short walk around the Temple of Sobek (the crocodile-headed god) that lies picturesquely ruined on the river’s edge provides an interesting insight into the Greco-Roman period.
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 6 - Aswan

    • You will arrive in Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city and a place with an easygoing charm that is due in no small part to its large Nubian population.
    • Depending on your arrival time, you may visit the beautiful Temple of Isis that was rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and relocated on Philae Island (alternatively you will visit it tomorrow). It is an absolute gem, its decorative pylons featuring some of Egypt’s finest carvings - definitely one of the highlights of Upper Egypt.
    • The rest of the day is free to wander – and Aswan is a great place for it. The Nubian Bazaar is a must, while the excellent Nubian Museum is recommended by many. The waterfront promenade, or Aswan’s 'corniche', runs alongside the one of Nile’s most appealing stretches and is the perfect place to stop for a mint tea.
    • Aswan is a great little town and there are plenty of relaxing and interesting options here. Dusk is when the waterfront comes alive with families out strolling, socialising and relaxing along the corniche.
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 7 - Aswan

    • You will disembark our cruise boat and check into your hotel. The rest of the day iwill be free for you to make your own discoveries. The visit to Abu Simbel will take place this morning for those of you who booked this option with your tour leader back in Cairo. This optional trip is well worth it. With the four gargantuan statues of Ramses guarding the Great Temple, this is one of Egypt's most memorable sights.
    • A popular afternoon option in Aswan is a sailboat ride around the islands in a traditional felucca, stopping off at the botanical gardens on Kitchener's Island. Alternatively, take a camel ride to the Monastery of St Simeon - an abandoned 7th century fortress monastery located in the desert on the Nile's west bank.
    • Your tour leader will be on hand to help you arrange any excursions. Alternatively, you may just prefer to relax by the hotel pool or do some shopping in the friendly bazaar.
    • In the evening you will visit a Nubian village and enjoy the hospitality of your hosts as you dine out on some delicious local cuisine. You will also be treated to some Nubian dancing and may even have the chance to perform some of the moves yourself!
    Hotel Basma or similar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 8 - Cairo

    • After breakfast you will be transferred to Aswan airport for the short flight back to Cairo where you will be transferred to your hotel. Today you will dive into another layer of Egyptian history: medieval Cairo.
    • You will head to Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo’s oldest mosque and the Gayer-Anderson Museum. The ‘Khan’, sprawling around an old area known as Al-Azhar, is a quintessentially Cairo experience - a warren of alleys with stalls serving up a succession of intoxicating scenes and retaining a distinctly medieval and sometimes carnivalesque feel. It’s Cairo’s finest area for you to practice your bartering skills!
    • You will explore the gold market, ‘perfume street’ and the spice market, where heady aromas hang in the air like a thick blanket of Damascene cloth (which can be purchased next door in the cloth market!).
    • The beautiful 9th century Ibn Tulun Mosque is one of the oldest, largest and arguably one of the most beautiful mosques in Egypt – the perfectly proportioned courtyard and distinctive minaret both help to mark it out as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
    • Nearby stands the Gayer-Anderson Museum, housed in two fine old villas (dating to the 16th and 17th centuries AD). Once owned by an English army officer, the two houses contain a fascinating collection of Arabic artefacts, furniture and memorabilia, giving you a great insight into Cairene life during the Ottoman period.
    Grand Pyramids Hotel or similar

    Day 9 - Cairo

    • Today is your free day to explore the city of Cairo. Speak to your trip leader for optional activities available while here.
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 10 - Cairo - Amman

    • Today you will be transferred to the airport and take a short flight to Amman.
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 11 - Amman - Aqaba

    • After breakfast you will be transferred to the bus station for the JETT bus direct to Aqaba. This is a very efficient service and the journey takes around four hours.
    • On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel and the rest of the day will be free for you to explore the town and port. The small Ottoman fort beside the beach is worth a look, otherwise you could acquaint yourself with the hotel's pool.
    My Hotel or similar

    Day 12 - Aqaba - Wadi Rum

    • You will go on a brief orientation tour of Aqaba with your guide, Jordan’s principal Red Sea resort. You can visit the old castle (time permitting) before driving to spellbinding Wadi Rum, a landscape of rugged sandstone mountains standing tall among an ochre desert floor.
    • You will head into this desolate, romantic protected area in rather rickety old jeeps, operated by the local Bedouin community. This is an attempt by the Jordanian Government to bring much-needed income into this region - an initiative we also support.
    • After you enjoy lunch and a browse around the excellent and informative visitor’s centre in the small village of Rum, you will visit several of Wadi Rum’s distinctive rock formations and soak in the vast silence and spectacular desert landscapes. Wadi Rum is a truly beautiful place with towering sandstone mountains.
    • It is very deserving of the amount of time you spend here, with the wind-sculpted rock formations changing hue throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. You will also meet your Bedouin friends and ride camels to your traditional Bedouin tent situated deep within Wadi Rum. The Bedouins live in scattered camps throughout the area.
    • You will enjoy an evening with them at one of their camps, which is set in an amazing location. Wadi Rum is probably best known because of its connection with the enigmatic British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-18. Much of David Lean’s movie on his exploits, 'Lawrence of Arabia', was actually filmed in Wadi Rum.
    Desert Camp or similar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 13 - Wadi Rum - Petra

    • It’s well worth rising early and watching the cliffs change colour as the sun comes up today. You will enjoy a walk in the morning (the length of the walk will depend on how energetic you're feeling), and you will scale one of the large dunes to enjoy sensational views of the surrounding area. Keen photographers will be delighted.
    • Take 4WDs from your camp back to the main entrance. The visitors centre is also a great spot to buy some jewellery and knick-knacks, mostly made by a women’s co-operative which is aimed at supporting traditional local industries.
    • You will then continue your journey to Petra. On arrival, you will have time in the afternoon to check out the town, withdraw or change money, and just relax…ready for a big day of exploring Petra tomorrow.
    Amra Palace Hotel or similar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 14 - Petra

    • A regular and fully justified contender for the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ title, the iconic Petra view – the Treasury’s glorious façade, glimpsed from the narrow cleft known as the Siq – is arguably the single most striking sight of the entire region.
    • The first sight of the exquisite craftsmanship among such stark scenery is a moment that manages to be both eagerly anticipated and also an unlikely and almost surreal surprise. Petra’s greatest surprise, however, is its size.
    • With your guide you will explore the old Roman road, amphitheatre and several old tombs. You will also climb up to the Monastery – the site’s second beautiful façade – from where you will have a magnificent view of the entire site.
    • This is a memorable day exploring a truly extraordinary destination and sure to be one of the highlights of your trip. There is a cafeteria on the site, where you can enjoy a light lunch.
    • In the mid-afternoon you will return to the hotel where your tour leader will to persuade you to take a Turkish bath! It is perfect timing after a long day exploring Petra, and a memorable experience in and of itself. Petra is an excellent and safe place to try this tradition of the region.
    • The rest of the day will be at your leisure.
    Amra Palace Hotel or similar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 15 - Shobak - Dana - Madaba - Amman

    • This morning you will drive along the King’s Highway, a road that pre-dates Old Testament times.
    • You'll reach Shobak Castle first, originally built to protect the eastern flank of the Latin Kingdom and its trade routes to the sea before it fell to Saladin in 1189.
    • You will stroll through the site and continue to the ancient village at Dana, where local artisans sell attractive silver jewellery and charms. Madaba is next, where you'll visit the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George that houses an ancient mosaic map. This is of particular interest as it clearly depicts Palestine and Lower Egypt around 550 AD.
    • You can expect to arrive in Amman in the late afternoon, where in the evening you can try one of its several fine restaurants.
    Golden Palace Hotel or similar
    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 16 - Jerash - Dead Sea - Amman

    • The Roman city of Jerash is one of the grandest ancient cities in the world, its archways and theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets constitute a striking collection and make it a beautiful place to explore.
    • Grand ionic columns encircle the city’s centrepiece, the Oval Plaza, a wonderfully atmospheric place to linger after exploring Jerash’s riches. You will visit the site in the morning and later drive down to spend the afternoon at the Dead Sea. Relax on the shore or take a dip like no other – the warm, highly saline waters make swimming difficult but bobbing on the water’s surface a unique pleasure.
    • Afterwards you will return to Amman for the night.
    Golden Palace Hotel or similar

    Day 17 - Amman

    • Your trip will come to an end today after breakfast. Check-out time is usually around 12 noon and you are free to leave at any time.
    • If you have arranged a private airport transfer you will be advised of the pick-up time. Additional accommodation can be pre-booked if you wish to spend more time exploring Amman.
  • What to Know

    What's Included

    • The services of Peregrine’s expert English-speaking local leader throughout the tour. Our tour leaders are all licensed as professional local guides.
    • Sightseeing (including entrance fees where applicable): Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, pyramids, Sphinx, Philae Temple, Gayer-Anderson Museum, Ibn Tulun Mosque and Khan al-Khalili bazaar; Karnak Temple
    • Sightseeing : Valley of the Kings; Temple of Hatshepsut; Colossi of Memnon; Edfu and Komombo Temples; Petra; Crusader castle at Shobak; Amman; Jerash and the Dead Sea.
    • Four nights on a comfortable Nile river cruise boat sailing from Luxor to Aswan, with sightseeing stops along the way.
    • Horse-drawn carriage ride to Karnak.
    • Camel ride to a traditional Bedouin tented camp in the Wadi Rum for an overnight stay.
    • Overnight air-conditioned sleeper train Cairo to Luxor. Accommodation in a private, two-person sleeping berth with beds and linen provided.
    • Arrival transfer.

    Not Included

    • International flights
    • Meals unless specified
    • Drinks
    • Visas
    • Departure taxes
    • Travel insurance
    • Tips (see below)
    • Spending of a personal nature
    • Optional sightseeing
    • Departure transfer
  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    At the end of each trip, we ask our travellers to provide feedback. We publish the positive, negative and neutral feedback on this page to give you an overall idea of what to expect on this trip.

    Egypt & Jordan Experience

    Lee - Australia, 27 Apr, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Our tour guide hassan mostafa was great and I highly recommend him as a tour guide. He gave us the option to fly from cairo to sham al sheilk. Which I recommend instead of the long 10 plus hour drive.

    Egypt & Jordan Experience

    Sally - Australia, 4 May, 2013
    Overall Rating

    This holiday was more than I expected our tour guide was always helpful and the information he gave us helped us all with coping with a different culture we are not used to I recommended this trip to anyone wanting to come to Egypt. It was awesome and amazing.

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