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Oman's capital Muscat
Palm-filled oasis of Wadi Bani
Nakhal Fort - Oman's best-preserved fort
Nizwa - former centre of trade, religion, education and art
4WD safari, Bedouin desert camping, and traditional food and music in the Wahiba Sands
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    A Taste of Oman - 7 days

      The 16th century fort in Nizwa is fairly imposing, reaching up to 35 metres and built on a 15-metre platform to repel invaders. Reach the top and you...
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  • Why we love Oman

    • In Muscat, there’s a restaurant with a terrace overlooking Muttrah Harbour, right on the corniche. The fish market is directly opposite, so what else can you order but fish? A particular favourite comes baked whole with chilli and lime juice, washed down with a pomegranate juice
    • You’ll be entranced by the view across the harbour, the old dhows in the water and the houses lining the corniche
    • Sweeping desert views and camel caravans, date palm oases and intricate Islamic architecture
    • Oman is also fiercely proud of its history, as the restoration of its countless forts and other historical monuments testify. Visiting at least several of these is essential for anyone wishing to gain a proper portrait of Oman
    • The Omani character is one of the country’s central joys: an unfailingly courteous and gracious people, whether it’s in one of Muscat’s buzzing coffeehouses or among the Bedouin in the Wahiba Sands, in a country not short of spectacular sights, the welcome you’ll receive will be one of your most memorable moments

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