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    Alaska, Yukon & Arctic Circle - 19 days

    Sparsely populated, vast and wild - the Yukon is the tangible definition of wilderness. Humans are largely outnumbered by four-legged creatures. The indigenous...
    Countries visited: Canada, United States
    From US $2969

    Canadian Rockies - 10 days

    There are five national parks within the Canadian Rockies:  Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Waterton. All but Waterton are interlocking parks that make...
    Countries visited: Canada
    From US $3569

    Best of the Rockies - 17 days

    1883 was a momentous year for Canada. It marked not only the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but also the discovery – by three men who worked...
    Countries visited: Canada, United States
    From US $3719

    Canadian Rockies, Wildlife & Vancouver Island - 13 days

    As the largest Pacific island east of New Zealand, Vancouver Island is a refuge for natural beauty, immense wildlife and outdoor adventurers.  During the...
    Countries visited: Canada
  • Why we love Canada

    • In the northernmost Canadian town of Inuvik, you’ll meet the Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit peoples and see how they live their lives on the edges of civilization
    • Witness black and brown bears roam the wildlife-rich expanses of McKinley National Park
    • In Dawson City, you’ll see the original centre of the Klondike Gold Rush that brought 100,000 people to the ends of the earth in the late 19th century.
    • For most, the Rockies might be a little more familiar, but the sight of the mountains around Banff and Yoho National Parks will still fill your senses. There’s plenty of opportunity to jump on a horse, bike or canoe (or a cable car if you’re feeling a little more relaxed!). While on the more beaten path, Vancouver has a habit of charming all who visit her.

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