Ever wanted to go on a private tour with just your friends? Or travel with your family at your own pace? Been dreaming of taking your yoga class to India? Or your students to Egypt?

We can create a tailor-made trip to suit any group, whether it’s large or small. Choose one of our existing itineraries and leave on a departure date of your choice, or speak to us about designing something unique.

Private groups

Our expert staff have organised countless tours for all sorts of private groups - schools, fitness clubs, charities, university students, sports teams, birdwatchers, photographers foodies and more.

We can also take smaller groups of three or four, or couples who simply want to share the travel experience together.

You can choose from our existing itineraries, or speak to us about creating a tailor-made trip. We can add more destinations, take destinations out and change the scope of the activities. The only limit is your imagination.

Family tours

Travelling with your family can be a great way of learning about the world around you, and also about each other.  Choose from a great range of existing itineraries, or speak to us about tailoring a private trip that suits each member of your family.

We avoid long travel times, stay in child-friendly hotels and make sure there’s plenty of free time to bond. We'll include plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy that also help you appreciate the cultures and communities you’ll visit. We can take children from 8 years and older so why not see the world together while they’re still young.

Take a look at our existing range of Family Adventures, or speak to us about tailoring a private trip. That way, you can choose the departure dates, the highlights, the activities and the duration.

Getting started

We can help you with all the nuts and bolts of your trip – from the dates, to making sure there’s enough time at each destination to getting everyone in the right place at the right time.

All you need to do is describe your ultimate holiday to us, choose who you want to travel with, gather your troops and get excited!

Contact us

To speak to a Private Groups consultant in Australia, phone us on 1300 854 439, or email groups@peregrineadventures.com

If you're in New Zealand phone 0800 448 979, or email groups@peregrineadventures.com

If you’re in the UK, phone 0207 408 9021 or Ireland, phone 01 702 9114

If you're in the US or Canada phone 855-832-4853, or email privategroups@peregrineadventures.com

If you're in Latin America phone +1 780-439-9118, or email adventures@adventurecenter.com