Here's some examples of tailor-made trips we have created in the past. Take a look at what we can do. Feel free to request something similar or use these as a launching pad to design your own incredible journey.

Photography tour

Tour name: Jordan in Focus
Group Type: Photographers
Destination: Jordan and Syria
Duration: 12 Days

A group of photography enthusiasts set off to Jordan to explore the beautiful desert regions of the south, the fertile plateau of the north, and the many fascinating archaeological sites.

Their itinerary…

Jordanis a fantastic country, with spectacular old cities, Crusader castles and a sophisticated, cosmopolitan capital - Amman. But away from the more popular areas we discover the home of the Bedouin, as we explore landscapes of stark and dramatic beauty including rocky escarpments, high fertile plateaus and spectacular desert scenery. We explore the major sights, including visits to Jerash, the Dead Sea and Shobak Castle, and enjoy plenty of time in Wadi Rum, exploring by camel and foot and staying overnight in a Bedouin camp. Of course no trip to Jordan is complete without a exploring the amazing city of Petra. Over the border in Syria, Damascus also has much to offer including the celebrated Umayyad Mosque and the historic bazaars and alleyways of the old city - a great place to finish our outstanding adventure!

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Secondary School educational tour

Tour name: Discovering the Nile
Group type: Secondary school students
Destination: Egypt
Duration: 12 days

A group of 25 from St Patrick’s College visited Egypt as part of their history program. For those seeking a deeper appreciation of Ancient Egypt, this is a fascinating journey of discovery.

Their itinerary….

A well-known archaeologist once said that no matter where you stick a spade in Egypt, you'd have a fair chance of finding ancient artefacts! In fact, there’s probably no other country in the world that boasts such a wealth of antiquities - the focal point of this particular trip.

We spend five full days in Cairo, exploring a number of monuments dating back to the Old Kingdom. Principal among these are the superb tombs at Sakkara, a blueprint of life and times during this period. Arriving in Aswan we visit the celebrated Temple of Ramses II, at Abu Simbel, and the exquisite Temple of Isis, at Philae, before boarding our Nile riverboat for a magical cruise downriver to Luxor. Our boat has a great onboard atmosphere, with comfortable air-conditioned cabins – each with their own private shower and toilet. In addition there is a cosy restaurant, where all meals are served, and a rooftop bar (?). The spacious top deck is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing, with excellent views of the river. Arriving in Luxor we visit the Valley of the Kings, the beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and explore the colossal temple complex at Karnak before making our way back to Cairo.

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Social cycling

Tour name: Cycle Rajasthan
Group type: Social cycling group
Destination: India
Duration: 12 days

A group of eight friends cycled their way through the backroads of Rajasthan.

Their itinerary…

Discover the back and beyond of Rajasthan. In this trip, we cycle across central Rajasthan, travelling through many remote and traditional villages.  This tour will take us to some of the interesting remote villages where we get a close personal interaction with the villagers and tribes(?). Sights of men with twirled moustaches wearing colourful turbans, taking their cattle and sheep for grazing; and women wearing beautiful attire, getting water from the local hand pump, are common in these villages.  During this tour, we stay at battle forts like Ras Fort and Tordi Garh; palaces like Phool Mahal Palace; and farmhouses like Rawla Bagh, where the owners personally help us explore their villages.

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50th birthday celebration

Tour name: Highlights of Turkey
Group type: 50th birthday celebrations
Destination: Turkey
Duration: 11 days

A family group travelled to Turkey to see highlights including Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy and Ephesus, followed by three nights sailing on the Mediterranean. The group of 18 consisted of aunties, uncles and cousins, there to celebrate a family member’s 50th birthday in style!

Their itinerary…

From cosmopolitan capital of Istanbul to the ancient remnants of the Ottoman Empire and Greek, Roman and Seljuk civilisations, Turkey is a country full of fascinating contrasts. We visit the sobering battlefields of Gallipoli and the fabled walled city of Troy. We explore the extraordinary natural wonder of Pamukkale, one of the world’s most breathtaking sights, before heading on to the ruins of Hierapolis - a city founded by the king of Pergamon. Other highlights will be a visit to the magnificent ancient site of Ephesus and the beautifully preserved theatre at Aspendos. What better way to end the trip than three nights of sailing on the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, including a 50th birthday party with your family!

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Golfing in South Africa

Tour name: Gamelands and Greens
Group type: Golfers
Destination: South Africa
Duration: 15 days

What better way to make the most of your holiday than to combine your hobby with an exciting adventure destination? A group of golfers approached us looking for somewhere different to take their passion, and we developed a special journey through South Africa for them.

Their itinerary…

From the wildlife of Kruger National Park to the incredible Blyde River Canyon, and from the famous Garden Route to spectacular Cape Town, this journey unveils the many faces of South Africa with a touch of our favorite sport along the way! Starting in Johannesburg, our comprehensive golfing tour incorporates incredible scenery, outstanding wildlife and amazing golf courses of South Africa. First up we visit Sun City to play on the unique lost city golf course - watch out for the crocodiles at the 13th hole!

Then onwards to explore the Kruger National Park on two morning game drives in search of the ‘Big Five’. We have time for a round of golf in the region before returning to Johannesburg for our flight to Port Elizabeth. On the Indian Ocean coastline, the Wild Coast and Garden Route offers plenty of superb photographic opportunities and unforgettable vistas. We visit the bird, elephant and monkey sanctuaries in the area adding to our wildlife experiences.

We finish our journey by coming face to face with a stunning example of South Africa's gorgeous scenery - the iconic beauty of Table Mountain soaring over the city of Cape Town. This remains a sight that continues to amaze and inspire. A sure highlight is set to be the round of golf at the Royal Cape Golf Club!

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Culinary tour

Tour name: China Culinary Journey
Group type: Food lovers
Destination: China
Duration: 14 days

Some of the highlights of our clients’ travels is experiencing the culinary delights of another culture – China is no exception! These food lovers ate and cooked their way through China, enjoying the amazing food on offer, as well as visiting major landmarks.

Their itinerary...

The food and flavours of a destination are integral to the overall travel experience. Each region of China has something special to offer. This culinary journey takes in the 'must see' sights of East China while tantalising the tastebuds with some of China's finest cuisine. For some cultures, dining isn't just about nourishment; it's a reason for living.

The eastern flank of China is of enormous historical and cultural interest. We commence our journey in Shanghai, the largest city in China once known as the Paris of the East. A visit to Chengdu allows us to come face to face with China’s most famous natural icon – the giant panda. Xian is home to both a flourishing Muslim population and the world-renowned 2,000-year-old Terracotta Warriors. In Beijing we explore all the major places of interest, including the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. We also visit an unrestored and remote section of the Great Wall, allowing us to absorb the immensity of this incredible structure without jostling for position with thousands of other tourists. One of the trip's highlights is a cooking lesson in Xian. Under instruction from the senior chef, we cook a mouth-watering three course meal and then enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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Language group

Tour name: Discover Peru and Bolivia and the Spanish Language
Group type: Spanish language students
Destination: Peru and Bolivia
Duration: 19 days

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to practise with the locals while you are travelling! For these students, we organised a qualified Spanish language teacher to travel with the group, along with our local tour leader, so that the group could learn on the move!

Their itinerary…

This is a truly unique opportunity to experience the highlights of Peru and the city of La Paz in Bolivia while actively studying Spanish!

On this overland adventure, escorted by a Peregrine local tour leader and a qualified Spanish language teacher, we combine the epic highlights of the Inca civilisation with an amazing four-day trek along high mountain trails to the ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu. We then travel by road across the Altiplano to beautiful Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the Inca legend, before finishing in La Paz, Bolivia – the world’s highest capital city.

Between cultural encounters with the locals and seeing some of the most spectacular scenery South America has to offer, we’ll be studying Spanish in classes and in real life situations with our local Spanish teacher. By the end of the tour, ¡estarás hablando como un nativo!

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Scouts in Peru

Tour name: Peru Adventure
Group type: Scouts
Destination: Peru
Duration: 17 days

A group of scouts from Canada travelled to Peru to trek the Inca Trail, soak up the local hospitality at a Lake Titicaca homestay, and explore the Amazon jungle!

Their itinerary…

Discover the treasures of the great museums of Lima, then stay with a local family on the beautiful island of Amantani on Lake Titicaca and discover how the ‘floating islands’ of the Uros Indians really do float. Continue on and discover the wonders of the Inca Empire in and around Cusco and along the mountain trails to Machu Picchu. To finish off our holiday we travel by plane and boat deep into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to the magnificent Tambopata Research Centre, for four action packed days of jungle and river exploration. What an adventure!

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