Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

We are a member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association which we suppourt financially to help preserve and protect the Galapagos so it doesn't get ruined by tourism.

Over the years, IGTOA has given tens of thousands of dollars to projects and organizations such as those listed below.

Bay cleanupsLibrary for Galapagos guidesOil spill cleanupsPatrol boat equipmentRecycling CenterScholarship for a research projectScouts program in Puerto AyoraShark Conservation Campaign and much more... click here for more info

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    Earth's Great Wildlife Extravaganza. Underwater, on land and in the air, the Galapagos presents a simply staggering portrait of nature at its greatest. See giant tortoises, icon of the islands, then walk along trails past innumerable marine iguanas. Share a beach with sea lion colonies, then watch the courtship rituals of the beautiful albatross. Take a swim in the waters, catching sight of penguins, sharks and a rainbow of tropical fish while sea lions dart towards you, bold as brass and hoping to play. Back on the boat, and dolphins surf the bow waves while blue-footed boobies make their plummeting dives into the waters and red-breasted frigatebirds wait, ready to commit their spectacular acts of aerial piracy. When you walk down the main street in Puerto Ayora, the archipelago's largest town, and see pelicans and sea lions, you know you're somewhere that has a glorious abundance of wildlife!