KOTO (Know One Teach One)

KOTO is a training centre and restaurant set up to help disadvantaged kids in Hanoi to get off the streets and into a stable living and working environment.

‘The Koto Restaurant in Hanoi is run by the amazing Jimmy Pham. It’s a not-for-profit business whose primary purpose is to give Vietnamese street kids a vocation in hospitality, and a better shot at life.

But more than a good cause, the kids are talented and the food is brilliant and a great way to find your way around authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  If you’re coming to Hanoi with us, we always stop in at Koto (which means ‘know one, teach one’) and our culinary trips stay for a lesson in the kitchen.

So what to eat? Don’t miss the Clay Pot Caramelised Mackerel. It’s a gem.’ -Stu Lyall, South East Asia destination manager. 


  • Peregrine and KOTO

    Peregrine continues to support KOTO and is currently fundraising through the Peregrine Community Trust to sponsor part of, or the complete, field trip each year, at a cost of between US$5000 and US$7000. In addition, KOTO greets every Peregrine group that comes to Hanoi with their fantastic menu and friendly service. KOTO continues to grow and develop as many more street kids and disadvantaged youths pass through its doors and go on to successful jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries.