Responsible travel

Responsible business

Responsible business practices are important to Peregrine. Maintaining our integrity and upholding principles of sustainable development is core to our travel ethos. These values are ingrained in the culture of our business, from the way we run our offices to the structure of our trips. We also hold our staff and travellers accountable – encouraging them to uphold principles of responsible travel while they are abroad. We consider these principles to include respecting the people, cultures and local environments that one encounters while travelling, to contribute to sustainable development and to encourage the dissemination of good will and cross-cultural sharing. We are committed to making a positive contribution wherever possible. If you have any feedback on our approach, please feel free to get in touch.

Responsible Travel

To travel responsibly, simply consider your attitude and choices while abroad - respect the local people, their economy, culture and of course the environment in which they live.

To ensure we always promote responsible travel, we have embedded some key features into our trips:

  • Staying in locally owned accommodation
  • Using public transport wherever possible
  • Patronising a range of local suppliers to ensure the economic benefit is spread
  • Managing water and electricity resources
  • Avoiding or minimising plastic waste
  • Experiences that promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Buying and eating locally
  • Ensuring that the most vulnerable members of communities– children, animals and women – aren’t exploited in any way

For more information on Peregrine’s Responsible Travel policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or take a look through the following documentation relating to individual destinations.