Our commitment

We work to ensure our wealth is distributed in a manner that is equally beneficial to our host communities, staff, stakeholders and suppliers, whilst also achieving a sustainable and responsible level of growth for Peregrine and its associated businesses.

This is how:

  • We exclusively hire local leaders and staff in the countries where we operate. This contributes to increased local employment and ensures we can offer competitive local remuneration.
  • Peregrine uses locally owned accommodation and locally run transport wherever possible.
  • We pride ourselves on recommending local restaurants and eateries.
  • We use public transport on our trips wherever possible.
  • We invest in renewable energy projects. These not only help to decrease carbon emissions, but also support local economies through temporary and permanent employment, and also through improved infrastructure.
  • We have also crafted procurement policies.


A global view

We take a holistic view of our business to ensure that sustainability remains embedded in all of our operations. We look beyond the basic functionality and balance sheet of our own business and to areas that are intrinsically linked to it, for example – the environment, society, economy, and governance/ ethics. Through our approach, we want to ensure that we are taking responsibility for our impact on these factors, and in turn work to contribute positively, rather than negatively to them.

Peregrine is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. This is a framework designed to ensure universally accepted principles relating to areas like labour, the environment, human rights and anti-corruption are aligned with a company’s strategies and operations.

How are we achieving this?

Respect for the environment and other people is ingrained in the culture of our company. Peregrine staff are required to positively contribute to environmental and social sustainability and are actually rated on this contribution in their annual review.

Our company KPIs incorporate goals around sustainability.

We also have a sustainable development policy that guides the way we manage our impacts.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we are required to submit a Communications on Progress report each year. This report includes an overview of each of the following areas:

- Human rights

- Labour standards

- The environment

- Anti-corruption