Our commitment

To use our sphere of influence to protect human rights. to ensure that any party impacted by our business is treated with fairness and respect, including staff, travellers, suppliers, local communities and key stakeholders.

We will work to ensure we always promote justice and equity across our global community, and especially focus on our most vulnerable societies.

How are we achieving this?


Some of our initiatives:

We train our leaders on relevant social and safety issues so they can better educate our passengers on local customs, cultural etiquette, child safety concerns and prostitution.

In high-risk regions, we provide HIV/AIDS training to all of our staff and leaders.

We work in partnership with a variety of child-protection organisations, for example, ECPAT, ChildWise and ChildSafe Asia.

We have established fair practice employment and supplier policies.

We offer support to a number of grassroots, not-for-profit organisations through The Intrepid Foundation. These organisations are dedicated to advancing local communities. Our trips visit these community projects to help raise awareness and build support from our passengers.

We set annual goals around raising funds for the aforementioned organisations.

Human Rights Policy

We have adopted a Human Rights Policy designed to reinforce our commitment to respecting internationally proclaimed human rights. The policy also ensures we aren’t complicit in any human rights abuses.

We aim to use our sphere of operations to protect, respect and remedy human rights issues as outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.