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Waved albatrosses and boobies on Espanola Island
Snorkelling in the volcanic cone of Devil’s Crown
Post Office Bay on Floreana
Frigatebird spotting
Puerto Ayora
Sullivan Bay's black lava field
Sombrero Chino
Bartolome's lunar-like landscape
The tortoises of Charles Darwin Research Station
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  • Why we love Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

    • It seems every new beach, lagoon, hillside and outcrop you visit is host to an abundance of amazing looking creatures unperturbed by your presence.
    • From 2013 all our Galapagos trips will be aboard Peregrine’s new vessel, the Queen Beatriz. She has large cabins which all feature ensuites, air conditioning and ocean views, with some cabins offering private balconies. There’s an outdoor jacuzzi and two bar areas perfect for soaking up the incredible island views after a fun day cruising the islands. While the comfy lounge area is the perfect spot to take in the daily briefings and presentations on the wildlife and history of the Galapagos.
    • For twitchers, a highlight of the Galapagos is the nesting grounds of the waved albatross on Espanola Island. The birds nest on a cliff, and you can stand on the edge of it and watch these amazing creatures with a huge wingspan, flying right towards you
    • Share a beach with sea lion colonies, then watch the courtship rituals of the beautiful albatross
    • Take a swim in the waters, catching sight of penguins, sharks and a rainbow of tropical fish while sea lions dart towards you, bold as brass and hoping to play
    • Walk down the main street in Puerto Ayora, the archipelago's largest town, and see pelicans and sea lions

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    Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure on their trip. We don’t tolerate any form of sexual harassment at Peregrine and Geckos, either between passengers or involving our leaders or local operators. Sexual relationships (consensual or otherwise) between a leader and a passenger are unacceptable. If you ever feel another person is behaving inappropriately please inform us immediately by contacting the emergency contact number detailed in these trip notes.

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