Why We Love It

Peru is a great place to travel – so diverse and always exciting. I went there a couple of years ago, and although one visit is never enough to see everything, even in a fairly short visit you come away with an appreciation of just how varied and spectacular the place is – from the high Andean mountains to the Amazon jungle to dust-dry deserts - it’s got the lot! The big sights really are unmissable – Machu Picchu is truly spectacular. The ruins are beautiful, and they sit in one of the most picturesque parts of the Andes. Any tour there is worth doing, but the feeling we got from arriving on foot, after four tough days hiking the Inca Trail, was unforgettable. Walking through the Sun Gate to get your first view of the ruins is an emotional moment – definitely a mixture of achievement and relief! The Inca Trail may be popular, but it’s a tough hike – the day you scale the walk’s highest point, Dead Woman’s Pass, is one gruelling long slog, but worth it for the views and the feeling of accomplishment. Elsewhere, I’d recommend Lake Titicaca and its islands. You’re so high up there, the light and the colour of the lake so intense, and the island villages you visit so different to anywhere you’ve been before, the overall effect is magical. I stayed with a family on Amantani Island, and getting to share a little of their lives was a great insight into a totally different way of life. And fun too – getting dressed up in traditional dress and dancing with my hosts was definitely memorable! Titicaca is a great place, one of South America’s best sights – and the sunsets over the lake from Amantani stay with you long after you left.