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Huay Xai - old Yunnanese caravan disembarkation point
Mekong slow boat cruise
The monks of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Luang Prabang
Si Phan Don's four thousand islands
Bolaven Plateau's ethnic minority groups
The Buddha images of Tam Ting Cave
The mysterious Plain of Jars
Kuang Si Waterfalls
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    Laos & Cambodia Explorer - 14 days

    Shrouded in mystery, Laos’ Plain of Jars is a beguiling sight. The origin of these large stone jars, which weigh up to a tonne and are scattered across...
    Countries visited: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
    From US $5620

    Indochina Adventure - 21 days

    The Pak Ou Caves in Luang Prubang have been a place of Buddhist worship for over a thousand years. The first pilgrims to visit the cave left behind a Buddha...
    Countries visited: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
    From US $2030

    Journey Down the Laos Mekong - 9 days

    Beginning in Thailand, this incredible adventure takes you down the mighty Mekong River through Laos, a country still largely untouched by tourism. Be...
    Countries visited: Laos, Thailand
    From US $415

    Vientiane Experience - Independent - 3 days

    The Patuxai war memorial was known as the ‘Vertical Runway’ in the 1960s because it was built with American money that had been intended for the...
    Countries visited: Laos
    From US $455

    Luang Prabang Experience - Independent - 3 days

    Every day as the sun comes up in Luang Prabang, some 200 monks line the streets for a ritual that dates back centuries. Clad in their saffron robes and...
    Countries visited: Laos
  • Why we love Laos

    • Whether you’re relaxing in French-infused Vientiane or taking a slow ride on the Mekong, Laos seems determined to force a smile on to the face of all who travel there
    • Every country may claim to have a welcoming, good-humoured people – here it’s true, a fact of life as indisputable as the beauty of the thousands of Buddha statues in the Pak Ou Cave
    • Laos quietly goes about its business of packing astounding sights and experiences within its borders: ruminate over the origin and meaning of the mysterious
    • See the mesmerising Plain of Jars before heading south in search of the Irrawaddy dolphin among the widening Mekong’s ‘Four Thousand Islands’

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