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Malaysia & Thailand Explorer

Trip Length

Trip Code

19 days PAJA

Maximum Passengers

16 people

Countries Visited

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Start City

End City

Singapore, Singapore Bangkok
Malaysia & Thailand Explorer

Emerging from Dutch, Portuguese and British rule, Malaysia has prospered into a diverse and multicultural country where Chinese, Malay, Indian and Indo-Chinese cultures have combined to give the nation its unique flavour. Beginning in the futuristic city of Singapore, journey to the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur, hop down to fascinating Malacca (Melaka), enjoy the cultural spoils of an island hideaway and get a dose of colonial history in Penang before winding up the adventure on the beaches of Pulau Langkawi. Sample mouth-watering foods, see a wealth of modern and historical sights and savour the natural beauty of the Malaysian landscape on this treasure-filled trip.<br />
<br />

Thailand is jam-packed with experiences and destinations that ventures beyond where other trips go. The country's stunning beauty and charismatic culture are ever present on this adventure - discover the exquisite 'Land of Smiles' in style. Thailand conjures up images of spicy delicacies, majestic elephants, golden Buddhas, colourful hilltribe villages, fantastic shopping and exotic hideaways - and we experience it all on this trip. Witness traditional hilltribe life in a H'mong village, support the rehabilitation of the endangered Asian elephant, step back in time in the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai and try your hand at creating some gastronomic delights. This is your chance to capture the adventure and essence of timeless Thailand.

Malaysia & Thailand Explorer

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Singapore


Day 2-3: Malacca (Melaka)

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch


Day 4-5: Kuala Lumpur

Meals included: 2 breakfasts


Day 6: Kuala Kangsar - Lakeside Homestay

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner


Day 7: Kuala Kangsar - Penang

Meals included: 1 breakfast


Day 8-9: Penang - Pulau Langkawi

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner


Day 10-11: Bangkok - overnight train

Meals included: 2 breakfasts

Accommodation: Nouvo City Hotel or similar, Bangkok


Day 12-13: Chiang Mai

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Imperial Mae Ping or similar


Day 14: H'mong Hilltribe

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner


Day 15: Lampang - Sukhothai

Meals included: 1 breakfast


Day 16-17: Sukhothai - Kanchanaburi

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner


Day 18-19: Bangkok

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Nouvo City Hotel or similar, Bangkok


Your Trip

What's Included

• The services of an expert English-speaking local tour leader throughout the tour.

• Sightseeing (including entrance fees where relevant): Malacca trishaw tour, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok - Jim Thompson’s House, Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Temple of the Reclining Buddha; Kanchanaburi - Bridge over the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, JEATH Museum, Hellfire Pass and a section of the Burma Death Railway; Lampang - Wat Phra That Lampang Luang; and Chiang Mai - Doi Suthep Temple, Hill Tribe Museum and visit to the Night Market.

• Shop for bargains in night markets.

• Spend a night in a Malay homestay.

• Learn to prepare the local cuisine in a cooking class.

• Relax on a tropical beach in Langkawi and enjoy stunning views from a cable car.

• Two-hour lunch cruise on a private rice barge around the ancient capital of Ayuthaya.

• Cycle tour around the archaeological site of Sukhothai.

• Elephant ride at Chiang Dao Elephant Camp

• Overnight stay in a traditional Thai teak house in Baan Koh Kerd.

• Longtail boat ride in the countryside near Kanchanaburi to accommodation on the banks of the River Kwai Noi.

• Time with the elephants and an overnight stay in bungalows at the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center.

• Arrival transfer.

Summary of accommodation, transport & meals




Not Included

International flights including Langkawi-Bangkok flight, airport departure taxes, departure transfers (including Langkawi), visas, insurance, other meals, any optional tours and activities during free time, tips and items of a personal nature.

Optional Extras

We have chosen a selection of some great optional activities to enhance your travel experience. You will need to cover any additional costs yourself. The below list is not exhaustive and should be used as a guide only. Prices are approximate and are for entrance only and don’t include transport to and from the sites or local guides unless indicated. All activities are subject to availability and it may not be possible to do all the activities listed in the time available at each destination.
Where activities are considered medium or high risk, we work with operators whose safety and credentials we have sighted and assessed. This means that it is possible that you may find the same activity cheaper with another operator on the ground, however we cannot vouch for the safety or quality of that operator. Activities not listed below have not been assessed by us and as such our staff and leaders are unable to assist you with booking these activities. The decision to partake in any activity not listed is at your own discretion and risk.

What to know


Vaccinations may be required for this trip. Please talk to your doctor about the up-to-date information for this region.  We're travel experts, not doctors and defer to the medicos when it comes to inoculations.

Visas and Permits

Please ensure that you have all required visas for your trip – this is your responsibility. Rules and regulations governing the issuance of visas are constantly changing, and vary for different nationalities and you should check visa requirements with your travel agent or relevant consular authority well before travel.

The below nationalities do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia, if you are travelling as a tourist for up to three moths. Other nationalities will need to check with their closest Malaysian embassy or consulate. Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and USA. The above information has been put together as a guide. We endeavour to update this information as much as possible, but it’s also important that you check for yourself as visas are the responsibility of the traveller.

Tourists not requiring a visa will be granted a 30 day stay on arrival. Other nationalities should check with their Singapore embassy or consulate. The below nationalities do not require a visa: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and US The above information has been put together as a guide. We do endeavor to update this information as much as possible but it’s also important that you check for yourself as visas are the responsibility of the traveller.

If you are flying into Thailand you will be issued with a 30 day stay on arrival.

If entering by a land border, you will be granted a 15 day stay only (exceptions are citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan who are eligible for 30 day visa at land borders). A visa extension can be obtained in Thailand at an immigration office for approx. 2000THB or alternatively you can apply for a Thailand visa in advance from your embassy or consulate that will allow a 30 day stay when entering at an overland border. If planning to enter Thailand via a land border multiple times during your travels, we recommend you pre-obtain a 60 day multiple entry visa from you embassy or consulate before you travel rather than attempting to obtain a visa at the border on multiple occasions which may result in being denied re-entry into the country.

If you are not from one of the following countries please contact your consulate or embassy for more information on visa conditions for Thailand; Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

The above information has been put together as a guide. We do endeavor to update this information as much as possible but it’s also important that you check for yourself as visas are the responsibility of the traveller.


You are required to have travel insurance before heading off on a Peregrine trip. Insurance can be organised by your Peregrine representative or your travel agent.

Responsible Travel

Our Responsible Travel ethos is at the heart of everything we do, from getting the basics right like respecting local cultures and the environment, to initiating projects that make positive contributions to communities, to our staff’s fundraising efforts and offsetting our carbon emissions.
Please visit our Responsible Travel ( page for more information.

Customs and Culture

Our Pre Departure Information or Travel Dossier (provided upon booking a trip) provides tips on how you can show respect for the local customs and culture in the country you are travelling in. Your leader will also help steer you though the complexities of local cultural norms.

Pre Departure Information
The information listed above is a brief description of some things you may need to consider when booking a trip. Once a tour is booked you will be provided with a link to your Travel Dossier which will contain detailed Pre Departure information.

Further Reading


Malaysia & Borneo Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei-Lonely Planet A History of Malaysia-Barbara Andaya The Jungle is Neutral-F.S. Chapman Kampong Boy-Straits Times Culture Shock Malaysia-Jo Ann Craig Into the Heart of Borneo-Richard O'Hanlon A stroll through Borneo-James Barclay Culture Shock Borneo-Heidi Munan


Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei-Lonely Planet A History of Singapore-C.M. Turnball Raffles-Maurice Collins No Man is an Island-James Minchin Portraits of Places-Brenda SA Yeoh


There are a number of books that make interesting reading and provide insight into the country's history, politics and culture. A few suggestions are: Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind-Carol Hollinger Monsoon Country-Pira Sudham The Hilltribes of Northern Thailand-Gordon Young Thailand-Lonely Planet Thai Ways-Dennis Segaller Thailand: A Short History-David Wyatt Culture Shock! Thailand & How to Survive It-Robert& Nanthapa Cooper The English Governess at the Siamese Court-Anna Leonowens The Beach-Alex Garland Travelers’ Tales Thailand -Charles Nicholls, Pico Iyer, et al. Borderlines -Charles Nicholls

Important Information


The flight between Pulau Langkawi and Bangkok is NOT included in the trip cost and should be booked by the traveller prior to trip commencement. Flights below are from the latest published flight schedule at the time of printing:
Day 10 - Pulau Langkawi - Bangkok
Please note you need two flights for this journey:
Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Airlines MH1439 @ 10.00 hours,
and connecting to
Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok
Malaysia Airlines MH788 @ 12.25pm
PLEASE NOTE the flight schedule for 2014 may change.
There's a strict 15kg luggage maximum on this trip due to internal flight. Excess luggage is to be paid by the traveller.
Please note we do not include a departure transfer in Langkawi from your hotel to the airport. Your hotel will be able to organise transport for you to the airport. The airport is only 15 minutes drive away.

Local Tour Leaders
By employing and training local guides to lead our group holidays, there is a two-fold benefit. Firstly, we provide employment opportunities for the local community. Just as importantly is the benefit to you, the traveller. Your tour leader’s friendship, humour, passion and intimate knowledge of the region will be key factors in making your holiday a success.

Dress Code in Malaysia
Malaysia is liberal Muslim country as many Malaysian women do not wear headscarves. However, Malaysia is very conservative when compared with standards you may be accustomed to at home and you should dress accordingly. As a general guideline, shoulders, cleavage and knees should be covered when travelling except when on the beach. Wearing skimpy clothing is considered disrespectful to local culture at many of the small local communities we visit.

Etiquettes and Customs in Thailand
Your tour leader will advise you further on Thai cultural etiquettes during your tour; however, here are some simple ones to get you started.
· Patting a Thai on their head is considered extremely rude and insulting
· Public displays of affection are not acceptable, including holding hands and kissing.
· Losing your temper or showing anger and shouting or yelling will lose respect immediately;
to remain cool, calm and collected at all times is an admired quality in a person in Thai
· When visiting temples, ensure your shoulders and knees are covered. They are places of
worship, so it is important to dress modestly
· The monarchy is held in very high esteem in Thailand. Please show the highest level of
respect to the king of Thailand and never make jokes about him

The Thai Buddhist New Year or Songkran is celebrated every year on 13th April, although the associated water throwing festivities can start well before and go on through to a week well beyond this date. Songkran is a time of cleaning and renewal. Thais go to the temple to pray, give food to the monks and clean the Buddha statues with scented water. It is believed these practises will bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Water is used to pay respect to your elders, particularly your parents, during the Songkran period. It is poured in small amounts over the hands as a sign of respect. These days the nation erupts into one huge water fight and the small amounts have turned into bucket loads. The date used to be set by astrological calculations, but these days the date is set. Until 1888 Songkran represented the beginning of the year in Thailand. After 1888 the date of 1st April was considered the first day of the year. In 1940 the date of 1st January was recognised as the beginning of the new year, in line with international practice. It is a great time of year to be in Thailand and a lot of fun taken in the right spirit. However you will need to have an easy going attitude to your travels, as when you head outside there is a good chance that you will get wet. In addition to this it is a busy travel time, so you may find that the transport listed in the itinerary is not always the transport you get.

Dry Season Tours in Thailand
Please note that March and April are traditionally the hot dry months in Thailand. During this time, the villagers burn their fields before the onset of the wet season, in order to prepare for the following season’s harvest. Whilst travelling at this time of the year, please be prepared for the fact that the fields and jungles are not lush and green, but dry and brown.

Thai Visas
Please note that any travellers of certain nationalities (ie. Australians, Americans, Canadians, British and New Zealanders) do not normally require a visa for Thailand if flying in and staying up to 30 days. However, travellers will only get 15 days of stay if arriving without a visa at a land border checkpoint from a neighbouring country. Travellers arriving in Thailand this way and planning to stay in the country longer than 15 days should obtain a Thai visa before they leave home.

All other nationalities should check for visa requirements with their travel agents. Please note that those nationalities requiring a visa may need to acquire one before they arrive Thailand, as a visa on arrival is not available at certain land borders.

Single Supplement
Our group trips are designed for shared accommodation and don't involve a compulsory single supplement. Single travellers share with people of the same gender in accommodation ranging from twin to multishare. Some of our itineraries have accommodation booked on a mixed gender share basis and where applicable this will be specified in our Trip Notes. On a selection of our trips, you have the option to pay a single supplement to ensure that you have your own accommodation (where available). Please note that this only applies to accommodation during the tour - pre-trip and post-trip accommodation will be booked on a single room basis.

A single supplement is available on this trip for 2014. Please note it does not include the following nights:

Day 6: Malay Homestay

Day 11 Overnight Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Local Emergency Contacts
In the case of a genuine crisis or emergency, the Peregrine Thailand office can be reached on Tel: +66 898 103 722

About this Information

The information provided here is given in good faith and has been compiled with all reasonable care. However, things change and some of the information may become out of date. Please keep this in mind when you read it and check with us if you want to be sure about something. The document was correct at time of printing, but you can check online for the most up to date version.  If you have any queries, please contact your travel agent or our staff in Australia. We are here to help you!

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5 March 2014

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