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Cu Chi Tunnels - the underground network of the Viet Minh and Viet Cong
Dalat hill station
Perfume River cruise to the Thien Mu Pagoda and royal mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc
'Junk' boat cruise among the limestone karsts of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay
The tailors and market traders of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hoi An
The bustling streets and cyclos of Saigon
Vietnam's northern capital Hanoi
Cai Be floating market and the longtail boats of the Mekong
Sapa hill tribes
Nha Trang cruise - the islands of the South China Sea
  • Vietnam - More than just good mornings

    In our opinion, it is impossible to travel through Vietnam without feeling your spirit lifted. There is a sense of joy and optimism that weaves itself into the fabric of the country. It’s there in the endless smiles and easy laughter of the people. You can taste it in the aromatic, always-interesting food, from the humblest street stall to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City’s finest restaurants.

    And, of course, you’ll find it in your local leader. Vietnamese rush at every aspect of living with unabashed enthusiasm. So they won’t just show you their country, they’ll want you to know and feel and love their country too. Visiting Vietnam isn’t about sitting behind a bus window and ticking sightseeing boxes. It’s scouring riverfront food markets for the tastiest pho (traditional noodle soup). It’s weaving through the backstreets of old Hoi An, looking for the perfect souvenir.

    Even sleeping seems more fun, as anyone who’s spent a night letting the lapping water drift them off to sleep in a Halong Bay junk will testify. And while overnight trains rarely feature on anyone’s ‘must-do’ list, it always ends up being a highlight in Vietnam. The train-ride is an authentic local experience and one that highlights the friendliness of the Vietnamese people.

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    Nha Trang Experience - Independent - 3 days

    As if pristine beaches, clear blue waters and a smattering of offshore islands weren’t enough, Nha Trang enjoys its own very stable microclimate. Rain is...
    Countries visited: Vietnam
    From US $350

    Ho Chi Minh City & Cu Chi Experience - Independent - 3 days

    The term ‘black echo’ was used by American soldiers to describe the conditions in the underground tunnels of Cu Chi. For the Viet Cong cadres who...
    Countries visited: Vietnam
    From US $567

    Mekong Delta Experience - Independent - 4 days

    From milk apples and mangoes to durians and rambutans, the exotic fruits of the Mekong Delta are many. Some 60,000 hectares of the delta’s lush farmlands...
    Countries visited: Vietnam
    From US $2210

    Beyond the Banh Mi - 12 days

    Perhaps Vietnam’s most lovable (and modified) export is the humble bánh mì – the classic pork loaf roll. Encased within its crusty confines,...
    Countries visited: Vietnam
    From US $1955

    Ready, Set, Pho - Family Adventure - 13 days

    A tradition handed down over thousands of years, Vietnamese puppetry, and particularly water puppetry, is a spectacle not to be missed. Skilful puppeteers are...
    Countries visited: Vietnam
  • Why we love Vietnam

    • Hoi An is pretty amazing. The biggest harbour in South East Asia, it’s been a massively important port for centuries. So you have Vietnamese heritage piled on top of Portuguese, Chinese, French and Indian heritage and the atmosphere of the town is utterly unique
    • The Koto Restaurant in Hanoi is run by the amazing Jimmy Pham. It’s a not-for-profit business whose primary purpose is to give Vietnamese street kids a vocation in hospitality, and a better shot at life. We visit here on all our Vietnam trips
    • Hire a bike in Hoi An and cycle to An Bang Beach from the accommodation (about 3 km) and relax amongst the sun chairs under the palm-frond umbrellas. If you feel peckish, any of the beachside restaurants will cook up a seafood treat, caught fresh from the ocean you’re staring at
    • Check out the Nha Trang mud baths. There’s something terribly indulgent about kicking back in a big wooden tub and having oozy warm mud poured all over you. After, it’s washed off and your skin feels tingly and amazing
    • Visiting Vietnam isn’t about sitting behind a bus window and ticking sightseeing boxes. It’s scouring riverfront food markets for the tastiest pho (traditional noodle soup). It’s weaving through the backstreets of old Hoi An, looking for the perfect souvenir.
    • It’s not the most ‘off the beaten track’ experience, but you’ll love the traditional Halong Bay junk. Halong Bay is an amazing natural wonder, the birthplace of so many Vietnamese legends. It’s fantastic to just kick back, soak it all in and let the lapping of the water drift you off to sleep.

    Safety information

    Most visits to Vietnam are trouble free but you should take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. Petty crime occurs among crowds and in the main tourist and shopping areas.
    Safeguard your belongings against pickpockets and bag-snatchers. Thieves have used razors to cut the straps or bottoms of bags. Carry a photocopy of the pages from your passport with your personal details and visa for ID and leave the original document in a safe place.
    Violent attacks against tourists have been reported in towns, as well as popular tourist areas. Some tourists have been attacked while on a motorcycle taxi (xe om).
    There have been reports of scams targeting tourists, involving fake charities, gambling and taxis.
    Unexploded mines and ordnance are a continuing hazard in former battlefields, particularly in central Vietnam and along the Laos Border, formerly traversed by the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Mined areas are often unmarked.
    Riding a motorbike can be dangerous. There are fatal accidents daily. These can result in costly medical bills and you may not be covered by your insurance. It is illegal to be on a motorbike without a helmet. Helmet safety standards vary.
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