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Antarctic Express - Fly/Cruise Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands 2015-16 - 17 days

Living further south than any other mammal, Weddell seals are one of the most remote creatures in the world. Yet their docile nature and abundant population...

Countries visited: Antarctica, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Chile
US $19995

Antarctic Express - Crossing the Circle 2015-16 - 10 days

Enjoy Antarctica in style – by flying and then cruising south of the Antarctic Circle! A short three-hour flight is all it takes to travel between...

Countries visited: Antarctica, Chile
US $11995

Antarctic Express - Fly North - 10 days

If you’re looking for a more efficient Antarctic experience, this is it. You will cruise south across the Drake Passage and experience the first...

Countries visited: Antarctica, Argentina, Chile
US $11395