Travel Tours & Trips by Activity Culture

Kathmandu Experience - Independent - 4 days

The Golden Gate at Durbar Square, with its intricately moulded depictions of mythical nymphs and monsters, is known as one of the most dazzling artworks of...

Countries visited: Nepal

Indochina Adventure - 21 days

The Pak Ou Caves in Luang Prubang have been a place of Buddhist worship for over a thousand years. The first pilgrims to visit the cave left behind a Buddha...

Countries visited: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

Udaipur Experience - Independent - 3 days

Even before it was flanked by palaces and marble temples, Lake Pichola was an awe-inspiring sight. So impressed was the gypsy tribesman Pichhu Banjara by...

Countries visited: India

Discover Vietnam - 15 days

Back between the 16th and 18th centuries, Hoi An existed as the busiest port town in the South China Sea. Chinese merchants settled en...

Countries visited: Vietnam

Treasures of Sri Lanka - Independent Journey - 15 days

Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is the oldest recorded tree in the world. For the past 2,250 years, monks...

Countries visited: Sri Lanka

Colours of Nepal - Independent Journey - 11 days

This is the ideal adventure for those wanting to experience the diversity and adventure of Nepal without all the trekking normally associated with this...

Countries visited: Nepal

Tuscan Experience - Independent - 4 days

The green, pink and white marble facade is but one of Florence Cathedral’s many stunning attributes. Its 15th century bell tower was one of the most...

Countries visited: Italy

Morocco Explorer - Independent Journey - 13 days

Descendents of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa, Morocco’s Berber people are living examples of centuries past. Communing largely...

Countries visited: Morocco

Journey Down the Laos Mekong - 9 days

Beginning in Thailand, this incredible adventure takes you down the mighty Mekong River through Laos, a country still largely untouched by tourism. Be...

Countries visited: Laos, Thailand

Thailand Unearthed - 10 days

Native to the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, the H’mong people boast a wealth of culture and art. Their clothes, which they...

Countries visited: Thailand