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Yangzi & Beyond - 15 days

The Yangzi River winds, ducks and climbs through the heart of China before coming to an end in the East China Sea, near Shanghai. At around 6,380 kilometres...

Countries visited: China

Treasures of Tibet - 13 days

At the Drigung Monastery, ‘sky burial’ is still practised - the bodies of the dead are laid out to decompose naturally or to be consumed by...

Countries visited: Nepal, Tibet

Essence of South India - 15 days

Stretching across some 900 km, the Kerala backwaters are a tangle of lakes, rivers, inlets and canals. Locals who make their living from fishing and...

Countries visited: India

Amazon & Inca Adventure - 14 days

“I remember the moment I fell in love with Cusco. I was photographing a building where the original 600-year-old Inca footings became the...
Countries visited: Bolivia, Peru

Gourmet Explorer Turkey - 12 days

A common drink in Turkey is ‘raki’ – a potent anise-flavoured drink. It’s traditionally taken with water and the drink turns cloudy...

Countries visited: Turkey

South West China - 15 days

Before coming to an end in the East China Sea, the mighty Yangzi River must first pass through the world’s steepest and narrowest canyon – Tiger...

Countries visited: China, Hong Kong (China)

Gourmet Explorer Vietnam - 12 days

The origins of local specialties are a hotly contested subject in Vietnam, and the Hoianese dish of cao lau is no exception. Theories abound over whether...

Countries visited: Vietnam

Treasures of Turkey - 15 days

There are many strange natural wonders in Turkey, but Pamukkale is perhaps the most surreal. Named the ‘Cotton Castle’, this unique formation of...

Countries visited: Turkey

Highlights of Southern Spain & Morocco - 15 days

As much a merging of these two countries as you’re likely to find, the famed flamenco actually originated from the Moors (Moroccans) that ruled...

Countries visited: Spain, Morocco

Spirit of Sicily - 11 days

As the largest Mediterranean island, Sicily’s landscape is draped in soft hills and rugged mountains. Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe...

Countries visited: Italy