Travel Tours & Trips by Activity Culture

Jewels of the Adriatic - 15 days


Caves and waterfalls abound in Plitvice Lakes National Park, but it’s the 16 interlinked lakes flowing between Mala Kapela Mountain and...

Countries visited: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

Highlights of Southern Spain & Morocco - 15 days


As much a merging of these two countries as you’re likely to find, the famed flamenco actually originated from the Moors (Moroccans)...

Countries visited: Spain, Morocco

Spirit of Sicily - 11 days

As the largest Mediterranean island, Sicily’s landscape is draped in soft hills and rugged mountains. Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe...

Countries visited: Italy

Amazon & Inca Adventure - 15 days

Travel from the depths of the Amazonian jungle to the heights of the Sun Gate over Machu Picchu in this fantastic, in-depth look at Peru. We’ll show...

Countries visited: Bolivia, Peru

South Korea Explored - 12 days

The volcanic island of Jeju in the Korea Strait is South Korea’s largest and perhaps most stunning island. Amongst other attractions, this 1,846 km...

Countries visited: South Korea

North Korea Expedition - Apex of Adventure - 14 days

Known as ‘The Hermit Kingdom’, North Korea offers one of the most surreal travel experiences imaginable. A rogue and reclusive state that...

Countries visited: China, North Korea

Secrets of Sri Lanka - 12 days

Walk through Colombo and you’ll hear the distinct "chop chop" sound of streetside chefs preparing kottu, an iconic Sri Lankan dish. A...

Countries visited: Sri Lanka

Glimpse of Vietnam - 11 days

During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong dug thousands upon thousands of tunnels to help combat the better-equipped American and South Vietnamese forces. This...

Countries visited: Vietnam

Bhutan's Sacred Summit Trek - 13 days


“My favourite story is about the yak and the ox. The Bhutanese say the two animals used to live together, but one day they ran out of...

Countries visited: Bhutan

Everest Adventure - 12 days

Sitting 3850m above sea level is the small village of Kunde. It is about 20km from the base of Mount Everest and a 6-day walk from the nearest road. For...

Countries visited: Nepal