Travel Tours & Trips by Activity Wildlife

Rainforest Adventure - 15 days

Sloths are so incredibly sluggish that algae can grow on their fur. They spend as much as 20 hours per day sleeping, clinging tightly to tree limbs...

Countries visited: Costa Rica

East Greenland Explorer 2015 - 14 days

Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system, beckons you to explore Greenland. Enticing you with some of the world’s best displays of the...

Countries visited: Greenland, Iceland-Arctic

Iceland Circumnavigation 2015 - 12 days

Our expedition around Iceland offers an in-depth exploration of this small island of geological extremes. Encounter unrivaled natural diversity, from...

Countries visited: Iceland-Arctic

Greenland Valleys & Fjords 2015 - 15 days

Picture yourself in Greenland, home to the world’s great fjords and most active glaciers. You’ll be dwarfed by the sheer size and scale of...

Countries visited: Greenland, Iceland-Arctic

Tromso, Bear Island and Spitsbergen 2015 - 12 days

Venture from Tromsø deeper into the Arctic Circle past iconic fjords towards the usually ice-bound Svalbard Archipelago. We’ll discover the rarely-...

Countries visited: Norway - Arctic, Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Hungry, Hungry Hippos - Family Adventure - 13 days


Like humans, animals have a comfort zone. Sometimes when a lion is so relaxed, tourists are tempted to go closer. But...

Countries visited: Botswana, Zimbabwe

In Search of the Big Five - Family Adventure - 12 days


“What keeps me going back to Africa? The fact that every trip brings something new and different: The magnificent call of a...

Countries visited: South Africa, Swaziland

Colours of Nepal - 11 days

This is the ideal adventure for those wanting to experience the diversity and adventure of Nepal without all the trekking normally associated with this...

Countries visited: Nepal

Land of the Orangutan - Family Adventure - 11 days

From the ancient legends and traditions of Sabah, the relaxing Poring Hot Springs and making friends during a traditional village homestay to getting up...

Countries visited: Borneo (Malaysia)