Ultimate Northwest Passage - 18 days

Venture into the Arctic's wild heart on this 18-day voyage from northern Canada through Alaska and down into Russia's far east. From dazzling...

Countries visited: Canada - Arctic, Russia - Arctic, USA
US $23345

Best of the Canadian High Arctic - 18 days

In 1997, the Kapitan Khlebnikov was the first vessel ever to take passengers on a circumnavigation of Antarctica. Since then, the ship has spent...

Countries visited: Canada - Arctic, Greenland
US $21945

Extreme Greenland - 21 days

If favourable weather conditions permit, this voyage is a chance to make Arctic history: no passenger vessel has ever travelled east over Cape Morris...

Countries visited: Greenland, Svalbard (Spitsbergen)
US $25145

Epic Northeast Passage - 26 days

While any voyage into the the world's northernmost climes is bound to be incredible, this one takes Arctic adventuring to a whole new level. Skimming...

Countries visited: Norway - Arctic, Russia - Arctic
US $31945

Spitsbergen In Depth (Ocean Nova) 2016 - 13 days

 Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, which we will attempt a circumnavigation of the island on this voyage. Lying entirely...

Countries visited: Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Greenland to Canada 2016 - 13 days

Get on board an adventure that explores the historic islands and waterways of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. Delve into Inuit culture while visiting...

Countries visited: Canada - Arctic, Greenland

Northwest Passage - Eastbound via Fury and Hecla 2016 - 20 days

Stunning scenery and spectacular wildlife aside, a great deal of the Arctic’s intrigue lies in the tales and tribulations of its initial exploration....

Countries visited: Canada - Arctic, Greenland
US $13945

The North Pole - 50 Years of Victory 2016 - 14 days

Your icebreaker ship, 50 Years of Victory, will take you to a part of the world more commonly associated with fairy tales and folklore—the North Pole...

Countries visited: Russia - Arctic
US $28745

Scotland to Spitsbergen 2016 - 15 days

Eerily beautiful, starkly secluded and richly interwoven with Norse myth, the Arctic territories of Scotland, Norway and Spitsbergen stand as travel...

Countries visited: Norway - Arctic, Scotland - Arctic, United Kingdom

Arctic Express: Greenland's Northern Lights (Fly North, Cruise South) 2016 - 13 days

Embark on a virtual voyage to the ends of the earth, discovering land and seascapes that beggar belief. From the massive chunks of ice littering Rodefjord...

Countries visited: Greenland, Iceland-Arctic