Turkmenistan Discoverer - 9 days

In the middle of the Karakum Desert lies one of the earth’s strangest oddities – the Door to Hell. It looks as the name suggests – a...

Countries visited: Turkmenistan

Jewels of Uzbekistan - 12 days

Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva: home to desert caravans, ancient fortresses and dazzling bazaars. Persian heritage is embraced in Uzbekistan and untouched...

Countries visited: Uzbekistan

Kyrgyzstan Explored - 12 days

A beautiful emblem of Kyrgyz life, the shyrdak is an intricately decorated woollen carpet made using traditional methods that have been passed down from...

Countries visited: China, Kyrgyzstan

Treasures of Taiwan - 9 days

Viewed from a distance, the Yehliu Cape forms the shape of a crouching turtle whose last dying breath, according to local legend, rises again in a column of...

Countries visited: Taiwan

Treasures of Turkey - Independent Journey - 15 days

There are many strange natural wonders in Turkey, but Pamukkale is perhaps the most surreal. Named the ‘Cotton Castle’, this unique formation of...

Countries visited: Turkey

Peru Explorer - 17 days

Taquile Island, about 45 kilometres from Puno in Lake Titicaca, is famous for its fine hand-woven textiles and crafts. However, knitting on the island is...

Countries visited: Peru

Lima to Cusco - 15 days

The wingspan of the Andean condor can reach up to 3.5 metres and these vultures are so heavy they need a little help staying up in the air. The geography...

Countries visited: Peru

Gourmet Explorer Provence - 7 days

The cheese from the goats of Le Rove is so highly prized that demand always outstrips supply. The subtly, creamy and ever-so-slightly salty curd can be...

Countries visited: France

Crossing the Circle 2016 - 17 (Sea Adventurer) - 14 days

This expedition offers you the most in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula.  Extended time in the region allows you to go beyond the Antarctic...

Countries visited: Antarctica, Argentina

Yangzi & Beyond - 15 days

The Yangzi River winds, ducks and climbs through the heart of China before coming to an end in the East China Sea, near Shanghai. At around 6,380 kilometres...

Countries visited: China