Comfortable accommodation

Because at the end of a day exploring, you deserve a good night's sleep.

Consider Peregrine as the softer side of adventure travel. We’ve minimised the occasional discomforts, smoothed down the bumps and rough edges, but have kept the spirit of discovery intact.

  • Creature comforts

    Creature comforts

    We choose our accommodation based on its character, convenience and comfort. Where we can, we prefer to use smaller hotels that reflect a region’s style rather than larger global chains. A central location, private bathroom facilities and air-conditioning are all part of our selection criteria.

  • Locally-owned


    Where we can, we stay in locally-owned businesses. This not only helps to strengthen the community but gives you a more authentic travel experience and insight into local life.

  • Off the beaten track

    Off the beaten track

    When we venture into more remote areas, like Central Asia or the Sahara, we often stay as guests of local people. Although this style of accommodation may mean you have to sacrifice a few creature comforts, the trade-off is a truly unforgettable experience. Should a trip visit homestays or well-equipped campsites, this will be clearly highlighted in the trip notes.