Immersive small group journeys

Small group journeys means unlocking the secrets of a destination.

For some companies, the term 'small group' means sharing a bus with 45 other people. Not us. Our average group size is just 10 people and there'll never be more than 16.

Small groups also help us reduce physical, environmental and cultural impact on the places we visit. 

  • More authentic accommodation

    More authentic accommodation

    We cap the number of people on a trip, so your group is never bigger than 16 people. It means we can stay in more interesting accommodation (try getting a bus-load of people into a Bedouin camp). It also means that you still get all the creature comforts of home, with more locally owned accommodation.

  • Access to areas others can't reach

    Access to areas others can't reach

    Small groups means our private vehicles can access more remote and off the beaten track areas.

    It also means we can take more interesting transport that really shows off a destination (50s American car in Cuba, anyone?).

  • Share stories with new friends

    Share stories with new friends

    Every year we take thousands of solo travellers around the world. And what better place to meet other like-minded travellers than a small group journey.

    If you want the group atmosphere, but prefer to have your own room (at a little extra cost) we can arrange this on the majority of trips. Let us know when you book.