Our style of travel

With Peregrine, it's all about jumping in and getting your feet wet (sometimes literally!)

We're biased of course, but we believe that when you come on an adventure with Peregrine, you'll have an experience like no other. Your itinerary will have been mapped out by one of our Destination Managers. They've walked the walks, seen the sights and felt the same joy and wonderment that you will.


  • Small group size

    Small group size

    We cap the number of people on a trip, so your group is never bigger than 16 people. It means we can stay in more interesting accommodation (try getting a bus-load of people into a Bedouin camp) and take more interesting transport (camel ride into the Sahara anyone?).

  • Private transport

    Private transport

    We've found a great mix between private and local transport.

    So you might arrive at your next adventure by foot, bicycle, private car, local bus or even riding high atop an elephant.

  • Local leaders

    Local leaders

    Your tour will be led by a local, and you'll often find that they've been born and raised in the places you go. In fact, we encourage our leaders to add personal touched to the 'official' program, so you might find yourself unexpectedly enjoying a brew of homemade tea or being invited to a Masai auntie’s home for dinner! Believe us, it happens!

  • Authentic accommodation

    Authentic accommodation

    We don’t want to show you the real world during the day, only to take you back to a generic, hotel chain at night. The Peregrine difference means that you still get all the creature comforts of home, with locally owned accommodation.

  • Solo travellers

    Solo travellers

    Every year we take thousands of single travellers around the world. And because all our trips are twin-share (single ladies share with ladies, chaps with chaps), there's no single supplement to pay.

    Of course if you'd prefer to have your own room (at a little extra cost) we can arrange this on most trips. Let us know when you book.

  • Guaranteed departures

    Guaranteed departures

    Many of our tours have scheduled departures that are guaranteed to run. Look out for the "G" symbol on our site to see which trips have guaranteed departures.

    We're always adding more guaranteed departures, so if you're not sure whether it applies to your trip please contact one of our helpful staff.