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travellers in Kars, Turkey
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By travelling locally and sustainably, we are able to support the communities closer to home who are working to rebuild and recover from everything 2020 has thrown their way.

Supporting local communities at a time of crisis: An open letter from The Intrepid Foundation’s Anna Wade

Responsible Travel

Our partners are in dire straits. All of them rely on selling goods or services to the many travellers visiting their communities. The travellers who are now literally staying home.

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Thank you to our customers and community


For now, on behalf of all of us at Peregrine, we want to extend a sincere thank you for your patience and support in a time of great uncertainty. It is appreciated, now more than ever.

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7 ways being a B Corp has made Peregrine a better business


We’ve been cheering about responsible travel for years. But since we’ve become a certified B Corp, we’ve changed the way we do business. Here are seven ways that change has been for the better.

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James looking at the Taj Mahal

The Peregrine Promise


The daily news updates and rapid spread of Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has created a world of uncertainty for even the most adventurous travellers. This is what Peregrine are doing about it.

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What exactly *is* coronavirus?


Misinformation around the COVID-19 virus is spreading more quickly than ever. And with that comes a lot of myths. Read on for the facts around coronavirus.

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Tour leader on a bus

Should you cancel your travel plans because of the coronavirus?


There are still parts of our incredible world unaffected by coronavirus and other areas that can – and should – still be safely visited.

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Two travellers in Greece

A common-sense guide to travel in the age of COVID-19


This whole coronavirus thing is making us a bit tired and anxious, and we’re sure you’re feeling the same. We’ve collated some advice and information for anyone who has travel planned, or might be planning on travelling, over the next few months.

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Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

The 5 most important sites in Vietnam to learn about the war


A visit to one of the country’s many war memorials or historical sites is essential for any traveller looking to understand Vietnam’s modern identity.

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Where to find the best food experiences in Vietnam


While you might be familiar with Vietnamese food from your local restaurant, nothing compares to going to where it all began.

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