Embracing the spirit of adventure: the changing face of travel

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Adventure. The word is used all too often these days but what does it truly mean?

Is it visiting a place you’ve always dreamed about but never been to? Is it getting completely and utterly out of your comfort zone? Is it ordering something new and unusual at a bustling street market in Thailand, or digging into a steak at an asado in Argentina? Is it forgoing the comforts of home and sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon or in a stilt cottage high above Inle Lake? When you think about it, adventure means different things to everyone.

We asked first-time Peregrine traveller, Isobel, what adventure means to her and we couldn’t have said it any better. Take it away, Isobel.


Keen to find out more about Peregrine’s small group adventures? Take the grand tour.  

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