The ultimate packing list for your high-altitude trek

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Hear that? The mountains are calling. More specifically, the high-altitude peaks of Everest Base Camp, Annapurna and Kilimanjaro are calling.

With their jagged pinnacles, winding rocky trails and stomach-dropping cliff plunges, there’s something magical about these mountains; something that every trekker should experience for themselves.

Fast forward to the day before your trip. You’ve answered the call, booked your spot on a tour, sorted out flights and had your immunisations. All that’s left to do now is pack! Rather than faffing around with DIY Internet research or spending thousands of dollars on things you might need (but probably don’t), we’ve created the ultimate packing list for a standard 12-day trek.


2 pairs of trekking trousers (zip-offs preferred)
2 T-shirts
3 long-sleeved shirts
1 zip-up vest
6 pairs of socks (2 liner socks, 2 trekking socks and 2 padded trekking socks)
6 pairs of breathable underpants
2 sports bras
1 pair of long johns (thermal underwear)
Fleece-lined tracksuit bottoms or down trousers
Lightweight, wind-proof fleece
Warm fleece
Down jacket
Lightweight synthetic raincoat
Waterproof rain trousers
Fleece headband
Fleece hat
Lining gloves and windproof gloves


Hiking boots (it is ESSENTIAL that your boots are broken in well before your trek)
Trekking sandals or thongs
Down shoes

Packing for your trek -Image credit: TheGiantVermin via Flickr

Image credit: TheGiantVermin via Flickr


Diamox tablets (for altitude sickness)
Blister plasters (a LOT)
Painkillers (particularly for altitude-induced headaches)
Diarrhoea tablets (for obvious reasons…)


Trekking poles (you can hire these before you start your trek, but it’s usually cheaper to buy them, then give them to a porter to keep when you’ve finished)
Head torch (remember to pack spare batteries)
High quality sleeping bag
Thermal sleep sheet
Water sterilising tablets (Micropur is a good brand)
Hydration sack or drink bottles (2 × 1L metal bottles – a hot water bottle will also come in handy at night)
Waterproof sack


Toilet paper
Baby wipes
Talcum powder
Travel-sized shampoo (there aren’t many opportunities to shower when you’re trekking, but when a hot tap presents itself, you’ll be thankful for shampoo!)
Hand sanitiser
30+ SPF sunscreen
30+ SPF lip balm
Travel clothes wash
Tissues (double as toilet paper)

Packing for your trek - Image credit: meghla_akashe_pori_:) via Flickr

Image credit: meghla_akashe_pori_:) via Flickr

Other things

3 x passport photos (1 for visa, 2 for trekking permit) plus US dollars for visa (for Nepal treks only)
Plastic bags/bin liners
Games, such as a deck of cards or Bananagrams
A book
Electro hydrate sachets
Solar phone charger
Snacks, such as chocolate bars, lollies, nuts and fruit
Sarong (great to use as a pillow case, to hang up for privacy, to wear to hot springs or as a scarf)
Power adapter
Plastic ziplock bags (handy for all sorts of things)
Ear plugs

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Feature image c/o taspicsvns, Flickr

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