10 unmissable experiences to add to your travel bucket list

Maasai people and traveller
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An unmissable travel experience will mean something different to everyone.

Perhaps you’re an active traveller, who prefers to get back to nature and explore the great outdoors? Or maybe you’re more comfortable reclining on a hidden beach somewhere, with a cocktail in hand? It doesn’t matter either way because that’s idea of a travel bucket list – the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But then, there are some travel experiences that are so iconic, unique or special that they should make an appearance on everyone’s bucket list. To help you plan your next adventure, we’ve chosen some of our favourites.

1. Meet the Maasai people, Kenya

Learn about one of the world’s oldest preserved cultures with a visit to the remote region of Loita Hills, home of Kenya’s Maasai people. The Maasai are famous for their vibrant red clothing and elaborate jewellery (pictured above). On Peregrine’s East Africa Discovery tour, you get the chance to learn about their culture and the ancient ways of this proud East African Community from a local elder. You’ll also have a chance to visit a traditional Maasai home and their cattle enclosures.

Meet the Maasai people on our 12-day East Africa Discovery tour.

2. Land on the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Walking on Petermann Island in Antarctica

The great, white south. Image by Liam Neal.

Follow in Shackelton’s footsteps and make your own landing on the icy Antarctic Peninsula. In addition to a voyage through the Drake Passage and zodiac excursions around this spectacular end of the planet, on Peregrine’s Best of Antarctica tour you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Peninsula on foot. Get up close to the glittering glaciers, make sure you have the best vantage points to spot an array of wildlife and stroll up snowy tracks to get the best views of the land of ice and snow.

Set foot on the Great White Continent on our 11-day The Best of Antarctica voyage.

3. Learn to tango, Argentina

Is there any better way to learn about another culture than through music and dance? Learning the tango in Argentina is an experience for everyone – whether you have two left feet or consider yourself quite the Milonguero. On our South America in Depth tour, you’ll be treated to a private tango demonstration and beginners dance class from a professional tango couple. As well as learning some basic moves, you’ll also learn all about the dance’s origin and history. Olé!

Feel the rhythms of Argentina on our 39-day South America in Depth tour.

4. Take a scenic flight over Mt Everest, Nepal

Mt Everest aerial

Everest, from above. Image by Liam Neal.

For those travellers who want to experience the magnificence of Mt Everest without the gruelling hike, there is no better way to see it than from the air. On our Vintage Nepal tour, you’ll have the chance to take a scenic flight over this stunning mountain range. Leave from Kathmandu and before long you’ll be gazing out over the world’s highest peaks and getting close to the summit itself, as well as soaring over Sagamartha National Park.

See the beauty of Everest from above on our 12-day Vintage Nepal tour.

5. Enjoy a barbecue dinner with the Bedouins, Jordan

After a long day exploring the other-wordly landscapes of Wadi Rum, Jordan’s iconic desert, there is no better way to finish than with a Bedouin barbecue. On our Jordan Explorer tour, you’ll arrive at your desert campsite deep inside Wadi Rum and meet your Bedouin hosts for the night. They’ll treat you to zarb, a traditional barbecue of meat and vegetables that has been cooked for hours in a hole dugout in the sand, filled with hot coals. Between that and the impossibly starry sky, it’s definitely an unforgettable evening.

Dine in the desert with the Bedouins on our 8-day Jordan Explorer tour.

6. Snorkel with sea lions, the Galapagos Islands

sea lions in the Galapagos

Who wouldn’t want to swim with these guys? Image by Joost van Uffelen.

Anyone who is passionate about nature must pay a visit to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands once in their life. A trip to this unique archipelago will give you the opportunity to snorkel, swim and explore on foot to your heart’s content. On our Classic Galapagos: Southern Islands tour, you can snorkel with sea lions on Isla Santa Fe, get up close to wild giant tortoises on Isla Santa Cruz and search for pink flamingos on Isla Floreana – as well as relax on some of the world’s most unspoiled white sand beaches.

Swim with these playful creatures on our 10-day Classic Galapagos: Southern Islands voyage.

7. See prehistoric Komodo dragons, Indonesia

The size and strength of Komodo dragons has to be seen to be believed, which is why a trip to Rinca Island on our Indonesian Island Cruise is a must-do. Rinca is far less touristy than Komodo Island, so dragon-spotting here is less staged and you have a better chance of seeing the captivating creatures in their natural habitat. With some of the larger dragons clocking in at three metres, you’ll be glad to have an expert local leader on-hand to show you how close is close enough to these prehistoric beasts.

See the scaly Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island on our 8-day Indonesian Island Cruise.

8. Ride a camel in the Sahara, Morocco

group of travellers ride camels in the Sahara

Riding through the desert with a Berber guide. Image by Moira Cameron.

No matter how many deserts you’ve seen, you’ve never seen one as iconic as the Sahara. The Erg Chebbi dunes are the most stunning in Morocco, with the constantly shifting sand forming ever-changing crests up to 150 metres high, cascading down to equally stunning sand valleys. On our Highlights of Morocco tour, you’ll get to ride a camel through Erg Chebbi at sunset, watching the different colours and light bouncing off the undulating dunes as you go. Truly mesmerising.

Ride a camel through the Sahara on our 16-day Highlights of Morocco tour.

9. See the Northern Lights, Iceland

There are many beautiful natural phenomena in Iceland – volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, lagoons, lakes, craters, puffin-dotted cliffs… the list goes on. However, there’s scarcely a better reason to visit Iceland than a chance to spot the famous Northern Lights. On our Icelandic Northern Lights tour, the focus of the itinerary is picking the perfect viewpoints and times of year to maximise your chances of seeing the allusive Aurora Borealis. Be sure to pack a good camera – this sight isn’t one you want to miss.

Watch the Northern Lights dance on our 8-day Icelandic Northern Lights tour.

10. Learn to make traditional Italian pesto, Italy

a couple learning to make pasta in Italy

Rolling the pasta. Image by Ben McNamara.

Italy and food go together like, well, spaghetti and meatballs, so if you’re going to pay a visit to this European gem, you’re going to have to become an expert in the local cuisine. A pesto-making class with a local shop-keeper in Levanto, one of Cinque Terre’s most beautiful towns, is a perfect way to immerse yourself. And the best bit? You can enjoy the spoils of your efforts with a glass of wine in hand afterwards? Bellisimo!

Taste local Italian cuisine on our 10-day Secrets of Italy tour.

To discover more unmissable experiences to add to your travel bucket list, visit our website.

Hero image by Damien Raggatt.

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