7 unique overnight stays from around the world

Posada Amazonas Lodge in Peru
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Here at Peregrine, we’ve always thought that travel should be more about the journey than where we rest our heads at night.

Adventure for us is an immersive, cultural experience – a local cooking class in Vietnam, campfire stories with Botswana’s Ghanzi bushmen, or wine tasting with vintners in Mendoza. Jacuzzi baths and a well-stocked minibar aren’t usually what gets our wanderlust flowing.

But that’s not to say we don’t appreciate quality when it comes to finding accommodation, or that an authentic experience and a comfortable stay have to be two mutually exclusive ideas. In fact, we’re all for the adventures that showcase an authentic slice of local life. That’s why last year, we introduced our Peregrine Feature Stays, hand-picked accommodation that’s just a little bit special.

Perhaps it’s a nonna-run guesthouse in the backstreets of Florence, a night spent in a bungalow on stilts in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest or a splash of luxury in a Moroccan riad.

We’ve delved into our Little Black Book, to showcase some of our favourite boutique overnight stays around the world. Each provides a chance to meet people, see things, and do things that you can’t see, meet, or do at home; overnight stays that stick in the memory.

1. Hupin Khuang Daing, Myanmar

Hupin Khuang Daing Village Resort in Myanmar

This idyllic collection of stilt cottages is nestled on the western bank of Inle Lake in the eastern Shan mountains. Soak up the fresh air on the terrace and watch the distinctive one-legged rowing style of local fishermen as the sun rises and sets in the distance.

A tour that stays here: Magical Myanmar

2. Riad Ritaj, Morocco

Riad Ritaj in Morocco

Photo captured by Mohamaed Gamos

Beautiful and opulent, this hotel is a charming example of traditional Moroccan architecture both inside and out. Situated in the heart of the Meknes Medina and close to all the local sights, the Riad Ritaj is a tranquil haven away from the bustle and heat of the city outside.

A tour that stays here: Morocco Explorer

3. Nata Lodge, Botswana

Nata Lodge in Botswana

Spanning over 10,000 square miles, the ancient Makgadikgadi salt plain is one of the largest on the planet. Tucked right against its edge is the Nata Lodge; a perfect oasis in which to take a break after scanning the endless horizons for wildlife, and discover the area’s rich geological history. Relax in the shaded canopy around the lodge with a book before turning in for the night in the comfort of your thatched chalet.

A tour that stays here: Experience Botswana

4. Posada Amazonas Lodge, Peru

Posada Amazonas Lodge in Peru

Fall asleep under your mosquito net canopy as the sounds of the Amazon Jungle come to life. Posada Amazonas Lodge is community owned by the indigenous Ese-Eja tribe of Infierno and offers perfect views over the surrounding rainforest. Keep an eye out for the Amazonian wildlife, including monkeys, toucans, caimans, macaws and capybaras.

A tour that stays here: Peru Highlights

5. Heritage Palace, India

Heritage palace in India

Imagine what it must have been like to be part of the ruling class in the India of yesteryear, as you sleep like a king or queen in this 15th century fortified palace. This unique, restored hotel is family-run by descendants of the royal family. They also reside here, so you can share a meal with them, and learn all about India’s rich royal history.

A tour that stays here: Rajasthan Revealed

6. Wadi Rum Night Camp, Jordan

Wadi Rum Night Camp in Jordan

Popova Tetiana/Shutterstock

Who needs a five-star rating when you can have a billion-star rating instead? Nestled in a protected area, the Wadi Rum Night Camp combines luxury tented accommodation, a dining tent serving delicious traditional meals and private terraces outside each tent – making it the perfect spot for some evening star-gazing.

A tour that stays here: Jordan Explorer

7. Castello di Spaltenna, Tuscany

Castello di Spaltenna in Tuscany

If your mind’s eye had to summon the image of a 10th century Tuscan monastery you’d probably get Castello di Spaltenna down to the last hand- chiselled limestone block. It oozes rustic Italian charm, with rolling hills and vineyards around every corner, and sculpted poplar trees dotted throughout the grounds. The rooms are provincial, roomy and charming – the perfect retreat after a gruelling day spent touring the cellar doors of the Chianti wine region.

A tour that stays here: Secrets of Italy

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