What to pack for your Adventure Cruise

Adventure cruising in Greece
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Your flights are booked, your visas are sorted, and your cabin’s been secured – all that’s left to do before you embark is pack!

Unlike conventional cruises, our Adventure Cruises don’t have a strict dress code. We’d rather you felt at home while on board and so suggest opting for casual attire (although you might like to bring along something a little dressier for the captain’s dinner – but no pressure).

On another note, while there’s plenty of storage available in the cabins on our boats, I’d recommend trying to travel as light as possible so as not to restrict the amount of space in your room.

And finally, given that we run Adventure Cruises across Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America I’ve decided not to go for a complete breakdown of every single item you’ll need and opted for a more general one-size-fits-all guide instead. So, here goes…

Adventure cruising in Croatia

Photo captured by Philippa Whishaw


  • Seasickness medication – even if you consider yourself an experienced seafarer, bring a pack of motion sickness tablets with you just in case the ride is choppier than expected.
  • Sun cream – exposure to wind, water and strong sun all impact how much UV light your skin comes into contact with. Be sure to apply sunscreen every day.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for onshore excursions – whether you’re strolling around Seville or making your way through the Nerja Caves you’ll need supportive, closed shoes
  • Swimwear – swim stops are one of the highlights of an Adventure Cruise. Don’t miss out because you’ve forgotten your bathers!
  • Daypack – this is the best way to carry around your everyday essentials and avoids the need for plastic bags. If you can find one that packs down small in your luggage that’s a win too.
  • Comfortable clothing for warm weather – you’re likely to be hoping for a spot of sun on your Adventure Cruise, so make sure you come armed with lots of light layers.
  • Sweater or jacket for cooler evenings – once the sun goes down, it can get chilly out on deck. Bringing a warmer jumper or jacket is an easy solution.
  • Adapter plug – your devices aren’t of any use to you if they’ve got flat batteries, so remember to bring along the right travel adapter to avoid being caught out.
  • Passport, visas and insurance – passport and insurance are no-brainers. Visas are also really important if you’re visiting multiple destinations. Make sure you have the right documentation to grant you access to all of them.
  • Cash – in case you fancy a beer or would like to give a tip to your Peregrine leader at the end of the trip. A card machine is available for settling bigger bills, but the connection can be iffy.


Couple drinking on deck of Croatia adventure cruise

Photo captured by Philippa Whishaw

Highly recommended

  • Insect repellent – if the mozzies love you, remember to pack your bug spray. They’re usually not an issue when the boat is cruising but can be onshore or at docking.
  • Camera – you’re going to want to remember the amazing experiences you have and new friends you make, so bring your camera along and start snapping.
  • Refillable water bottle – Peregrine are big advocates of avoiding single-use plastics, so why not bring a reusable bottle? Note that you will find a free one in the fridge in your cabin.
  • A light raincoat or poncho – during the warmer months a light, foldable raincoat or poncho is a great addition to your luggage and it doubles up nicely as a windcheater too.
  • Sandals or flip-flops – you don’t want to be restricted to always wearing your walking shoes. A pair of sandals or flip-flops pack up small and are a perfect for mixing up your holiday wardrobe.
  • Sunhat – a wide-brim sunhat is ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes and to stop you from getting heat stroke.
  • Scarf or wrap – works nicely as a sarong when you’re relaxing on deck during the day and good for wrapping up a little warmer at night.
  • After sun/aloe vera – always a useful thing to have in case you missed a spot during your initial sun cream application.


Passengers relaxing on a Peregrine adventure cruise

Photo captured by Philippa Whishaw

Nice to have

  • A novel – reclining on a sun lounger with a good book just can’t be beaten! Bring one with you or have a browse through the onboard library of books shared by past cruisers.
  • Headphones – there will be some hour-long drives in your itinerary. Listening to music or a podcast while gazing out the window at your beautiful surroundings is an enjoyable way to pass the time.
  • Puzzle books – not much of a bookworm? Puzzle books can be another great way to while away the hours in the sun.
  • Phrasebooks – trying to learn the basics of the local language in your destination is a sign of respect. Plus, carrying around a phrasebook can help you talk yourself out a tricky situation.
  • Portable speaker – an easy way to bring a little more ambience to an evening spent out on deck.
  • Pegs – useful for hanging up your swimming costume and towel on deck. Also, really handy for securing your towel to your sunbed if it’s particularly windy up on deck.
  • Earplugs – as they’re only tiny, they’re really easy to just pop in your bag. Ideal if you happen to have a snoring roommate (luckily, I didn’t) and for the low-level engine noise if you’re an exceptionally light sleeper.
  • Binoculars – these are a brilliant addition if you have them. Although they will often be included if you take part in an activity that requires them, such as bird watching.
  • Dry bag – great for keeping all your important bits and pieces dry, and particularly useful if you’re off on a watery excursion.


All packed and ready to go? Browse our full range of Adventure Cruising holidays here.

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