Amy Foyster


10 foods you have to try in Tuscany


What many foreign foodies might not know is that each Italian region has their own distinct speciality dishes and flavours. So much so, that you could even argue that there is no such thing as Italian food! And one of my favourite food regions in Italy is undoubtedly Tuscany.

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deck of cruise ship

All aboard: why summer is the best time for an Adventure Cruise in Europe


Last summer, I went on an Adventure Cruise around the Greek Islands and honestly can’t imagine experiencing these exotic isles at any other time of year.

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group walking summit trail Galapagos

The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands


While it’s truly a year-round destination, depending on your preferences in weather and the activities and wildlife that particularly interest you, there are a variety of things to see and do at different times of the year.

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local Cambodian woman smiling

Short on time? Here’s why Cambodia is a must-visit destination


Cambodia is the perfect destination for a short holiday. It has amazing food, friendly people, beautiful nature and plenty of cultural and historical sites to explore. While it’s difficult to really immerse yourself in a culture in just a week or two, there are certain ways you can get the most out of a place in a short time.

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smiling Bedouin man

What it’s like staying with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum


Some Bedouin still live in the desert, in tents they have woven themselves from animal hair. Some still cook zarb, a Bedouin BBQ, where hot coals, meat and vegetables are buried in a hole in the sand for a few hours, until it is dug up and shared around the campfire. But life for most Bedouin is changing.

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